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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from I've Never Done That Before #13
Studio: Wildlife

Just Ok

Nothing great here.Not awful,but nothing special.In the opening credits the producer proudly states that SOME companies fake their 'cream-pies' with artificial substances,but in HIS films they are all real.GREAT-a PORNOGRAPHER with ETHICS..Chicks are OK,Tyce Bune does look a little old to still be doing this (porno)stuff...

 from Handjobs #6
Studio: Wildlife

Beef Jerky

Not bad for a dvd with no fucking,or sucking.Nice change of pace from the usual ATM,cream pie,or gang bang stuff.Almost wholesome-compared to most stuff out there...Couple of real cuties-Kristina Black,and Tabitha Stern appear in this one- 9 scenes in all-no dvd extras-the director actually did a decent job-setting up the scenes-with a little(not much)dialogue,before getting down to the jerking

 from Vacuum Hoes #4: Teen Edition
Studio: Crush

Sucks Big Time

weak installment in this series..although i enjoyed most of the others in the vacuum hoes series,this one just isn't very good.the chicks are not especially good looking-or skilled,or even enthusiastic,about chowing down on the trouser the credit of the faceless 'stunt cock'-he was able to pop a few decent sized loads onto the faces of these "sleepwalkers"...

 from Hey My Grandma Is A Whore #13
Studio: Heatwave

Imported And Old

Thumbs in the middle on this one.The ladies here are really old (in their 60s at least).And they suck dick and get plowed here.But nothing exciting here.This also appears to be a European import as there is no English spoken-only a 'yes' or 'yeah' here and there.I gave this 2 stars because you get to see really old ladies in hardcore action.But the action itself isn't really good or worthwhile.Probably not worth your time

 from Ben Dover's Kick Ass Anal Adventures #5
Studio: Kick Ass

Grrrrr-Eat !

this was really good.while ben is old and creepy,you gotta hand it to the old fart-these are some hot women.not classic beauties-just slutty horny advertised,there is a lot of ass traffic in this disappointment though.i added this one to my lineup after seeing the bald headed hottie nichola holt in "kickass chicks/ tomboys.well the same fucking scene is in this one.what a gyp...

 from Blowjob Adventures Of Dr. Fellatio #15
Studio: Elegant Angel

The Doctor Is In

I liked it.Like most of the "Dr. Fellatio" series-this one gives you a lot of suck for your buck-or in this case-your rental slot.Although a little dated (1999) it is a good one.You get some famous faces here-Jill Kelly,Bobbi Bliss,Harley Raine to name a few-plus a lot of chicks I never saw before.Perhaps they are "one blow wonders?"Like bands that had one hit song,then faded into obscurity-a lot of the gals here never became superstars in porn.Check out "Bonus Footage".There's a segment about a fat virgin nerd,who supposedly won a contest to bang a porn star.While this is great fantasy stuff-in reality I'd probably stick my pud in a snapping turtle's mouth before I let a porn slut gnaw on it.

 from Vacuum Hoes #5: MILF Edition
Studio: Crush

Worth A Look

Pretty decent-although the chicks aren't really old enough to be MILFS in my humble opinion.A REAL MILF should be at LEAST mid to late 30s..But a couple of the chicks here are outstanding-Isabella is very sultry,vocal,and rubs the YOGURT in her pussy after taking it on the chin,,,HOT..Amber Lynn-NOT THE 80s legend,but a very good performer in her own right-was also very good,as was most of the others,only a couple of lackluster BJs in the group-but overall a decent DVD

 from Porn Fidelity #1
Studio: Juicy

Hubby Is One Lucky Bastard

Kelly Madison's hubby is one lucky bastard.He gets to bang the big titted Kelly,plus tons of other chicks-in 3 ways.And he gets paid for it,too.What a life.

 from Cream Pie #36
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Not Great

not that good.there wasn't really any chemistry with the couples here.that's what makes a good amateur scene,or disc-the real life chemistry.was only one here that had a little bit."pies" were lousy too.last scene you could see this freaky tattooed guy working the remote for the camera,all the while trying to look hard,and tough.pass on this one.....

 from Color Me Ugly
Studio: Wicked

Color Me Bored

ok-a big disappointment here..first -in most scenes the lighting is awful-and the footage seems grainy,and hard to watch.secondly-and i know this sounds weird but the chicks aint so'd think with such a title -this dvd would be loaded with "2 baggers"-you know,where she is so ugly you put a bag over your head,too-in case hers breaks? yeah-there's some saggy tits,and cellulite-but nothing too bad here...the ugliest thing in this dvd was the creepy rodney moore-who was swinging his hammer in almost every scene.but there is a lot of scenes in this one-so chances are you will find something to stimulate your ---errr.....mind.

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