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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from M.I.L.T.F. #7
Studio: Heatwave

Not Bad,Not Great....

Thumbs in the middle on this one.The gals are pretty good,but there's only 4 scenes.2 gals appear to be in their 40s-Rubee,and Gigi are over 50(easily).Samantha reminds me of "Stifler's mom" in American Pie and she is hot-even getting boned in a parking lot.Brunette amazon with pierced snapper takes on son's best friend.Seen that storyline-millions of times.Saggy skinned Rubee takes on a geeky guy that looks like the geeky kid from the movie "Christine".Finally we have Gigi-who I believe is veteran slut Anastasia Sands with a brunette dye job.She flops and bounces all over this limp dicked youngster.Not great by any means-but if you like older vintage ho's-this will turn your crank

 from British Are Blowing, The
Studio: Heatwave

Half Bad

i will give 2 stars for the girls.most are average looking,but there's a couple real cuties in the accents,too.trouble is,they have nothing to work with.there's only one decent sized (and hard)cock in this one.a few of the dicks were not bigger than my thumb,and despite their small size,and inability to get hard-they seemed to cum in record time.and cum,as in add to this mess-"geriatric" dick nasty appeared in roughly half of the scenes.i see that geezer,and i reach for the ff button,on the remote.this was in the mail,in an hour.thumbs down.given some decent cock?this could have been really good

 from Fuckin' Old School
Studio: Heatwave

Just Ok

The wonderful Kitty Fox appears in 3 of the 4 scenes here.But she only performs in one,which is a shame.This disc would have been alot better if Kitty stuck around in the 2 scenes that she introduced,then left the scene.Had she done a 3 way in those scenes this one might have gotten 4 stars.As it is? A lukewarm,lackluster disc-but the sizzling Ami Charms saved this one from a one-star rating.She got me harder than CHINESE ALGEBRA....

 from Vacuum Hoes #3: All-Natural Busty Edition
Studio: Crush

Ok-In A Pinch

Not terrible,but nothing to write home about,either.The drooping tits were nothing special,and none of the chicks were especially even jerked the pancake batter on her forehead..WHAT's that about?

 from Anal Life #2
Studio: Anarchy

A (Hole) Plus !

Nice disc.I admit,I am not a big anal fan.Personally,I can think of 2 other places that I would rather stick my wiener,than in some chick's ass.But this one had two of my favorites in it,so I figured,why not?Let me take a look.And I wasn't disappointed.All chicks are hot,and real nasty,as they get their back doors plumbed.No holes barred,here.Each chick ends up getting a 'protein shake' to the kisser.Worth a rent-especially for you ASS pirates,out there........

 from Deepthroat Virgins #13
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Virgins? Hardly

This was pretty good.Nicole Brazzle doesn't really belong here,as she is a professional cocksucker.But she delivers an amazing,spirited blowjob here.The cute bookworm,Katie was also good.She also showed sensibility as she shed her glasses to receive the tapioca facial.A decent installment in this series.Worth a rent

 from I've Never Done That Before #4
Studio: Wildlife

Oh Yes,They Have

thumbs in the middle on this one.on the plus side-there's a lot of fucking in this.anal,bjs,atm-even a couple of "creampies"-in fact scene #1 has one chick dripping cum from her cooch-into the mouth of of another chick.that was worth the price of admission so to speak...on the down side? most of the chicks in this one are ..fugly.i would pass on this one-theres lots of better stuff available to rent here.

 from I've Never Done That Before #11
Studio: Wildlife


Not bad,but not outstanding either.I chuckled at the "disclaimer" at the beginning where the producers claim other studios "fake" their creampies with artificial substances-but proudly they certify theirs are the real thing.I ALWAYS appreciate a pornographer with high ethical standards.There was a hot black chick in this one-but sadly she took the cum in her face,not her snatch.A real let-down.I would pass on this-there's better stuff to rent

 from Handjobs #10
Studio: Wildlife

A Big Hand From The Little Lady..

decent dvd,when you consider there's no fucking or sucking,here.just strictly "yank jobs",but the girls are good looking,and the dirty talk does help the viewer stay ....uhhhh...interested.a couple of the gals were good sports and took the slop shot to the face,but most of them aimed the "spittin' salami" at their tits ,or away completely.approximately 10 girls so you get a lot of jerking for your precious rental slot.worth a look.

 from Handjobs #14
Studio: Wildlife

You're In Good Hands....

An enjoyable disc,although there is no fucking,or sucking,in this one.The girls are very cute,and likeable.I especially liked Eve Lawrence.She had great eyes,and a nice,wholesome look to her.That is,as wholesome as a girl CAN look,as she's milking a BLUE- VEINED IGUANA.....Ten scenes,plus extras-a decent package.

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