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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from Teenage Spermaholics #3
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Not Great

The girls are hot,no doubt,but the numerous creepy guys ruin this one-at least for me.

 from Big Boob Cocksuckers
Studio: Big Top

One Star For Shay

shay sights was incredibly hot,here.her pouty lips were made for sucking cock.unfortunately,hers was the only good scene here.anita cannibal was stuck with some limp-dick that couldnt get hard.mostly a forgettable dvd -with fake tits and inept "studs".although shay was great-probably not worth a precious rental slot

 from Internally Yours #2
Studio: Precious Video

Not Thrilling,But Nice..........

I liked this disc.Although it's only 4 scenes,its never boring.The 'average looking 'girl angle really works,for me.No perfect 10s here just your'girl next door' type-and they do it all-including taking a pop of MAN SAUCE in the coochie.Brandi Lyons is a favorite of mine-and she is either a terrific actress-or she really enjoys riding the 'baloney pony'.The last chick,however DOESN'T get a cream pie finish..she gets a custard facial.No DVD extras,no bonus scenes,or even a cumshot loop...but BRANDI gets 3 stars alone-for her spirited performance.Worth a look...

 from Hooter World
Studio: Heatwave

not a "wonderful world"....

The gals in this one,aren't really attractive,but that's OK.I kind of like them a little chunky too,and the girls here fit that bill too.But inter-racial aint my thing-(maybe because I'm an old white guy with a small weenie)-and the same black guy is in every scene except one.So I was working the remote instead of my joystick.But thats just my opinion.If you like chubby ugly chicks,and big black dicks-you might like this a lot.

 from M.I.L.T.F. #5
Studio: Heatwave

Quantity-No...Quality Yes !

Only 4 scenes on this but all were good.Angelica Sin is always a pleasure to watch (although her co-star came up a little SHORT-at least by porn standards).Carolyn Monroe was also very hot-and she takes a MONSTROUS blast of MAN-PASTE to her lovely face,neck,and hair.Worth a rent-definitely,but if there were more scenes(or at least BONUS features)this easily could have been 5 STAR material.

 from Hey, Grandma Is A Whore #6
Studio: Heatwave

Good Installment In This Series

Only 3 scenes in this one-but they were surprisingly good.This one appears to be a European import (like most in this series)-but most of the discs I've seen in this genre feature limp dicked older guys with blank stares,like "Latka" on the old show "Taxi".In this one they actually hired young,healthy guys-and the old gals actually seem to enjoy getting their ancient snatches and assholes drilled.One young pup even ate the old bag's pussy in one scene!All three grannies get a facial (not the SPA type),and seemed to like it.The last gal (a chubby blonde)took a huge (although watery) slop shot to the chin.Worth a look,even though it's only 3 gals.

 from Hey, Grandma Is A Whore #11
Studio: Heatwave

Just Ok

i will give this 2 stars for the ladies.they are all older -a few are chubby,too-a plus.but this is an import-i think from germany? they say "yah" a lot-but that's all i could understand.especially liked the tattooed,pierced granny.every chick here does have a big ugly "c-section" scar on her belly,that might be a turn off for some guys.doesn't bother me-it just means there's some guy in germany somewhere,getting ready to jerk the gherkin-pops the dvd in the player and says-"mom ????????"

 from Squirting 101 #5
Studio: Digital Sin

Boring 101

The title of this one leads you to think you will see a lot of action,and gushing girls.UH---no.There was lot of TALK,some fingering,and blowjobs-but no actual penetration.Not even much squirting,either.I rented this one because it has a couple of chicks I like-Jennifer Luv,and country girl Nicole Brazzle-but their talents were indeed wasted here...although Nicole DID coax out a nice load to her face.There were too many guys,milling about,and WAY too much talking,without any action.The only guy that got screwed was ME-for wasting a spot in my lineup for this dvd.....

 from Cum Inside #1
Studio: Digital Sin

Czech This Out

Not the best of this series-but a decent dvd.Features all czech republic girls-decent looking,but what really does it (for me,anyway) is those accents..but then I used to get WOOD watching Bullwinkle,whenever NATASHA spoke....

 from Fat Beach Patrol #2
Studio: Heatwave

"greenpeace approved"

ok-going in,i was really curious about this one.the box cover suggests sort of a 400 lb version of "baywatch".and it was amusing as a tubby "lifeguard" steals a sub sandwich,from a couple on the beach.but as porno? yeccchhh...first to make a porno-you need to hire guys than can get it up.only 1 of the 3 guys was able to do that.(but then you can't blame 'em)negative 5 stars........

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