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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from Deepthroat Virgins #4
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Ok But Not Great

Nothing great in this one.One quick run through then back in the mail.This series is hit or miss.Some dvds are really good.Others like this one are really ho-hum.(No pun intended)

 from Horny Over 40 #29
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Stinks Like 'Week Old Fish'........

i knew i was in trouble when the first scene starts and here comes this naked,gray haired "leslie nielsen-look-a-like"...then it gets worse.the old guy does do a decent job,on the chick-but...then he blows his wad on her ass-and he licks it off.that image will give me nightmares,for of the disc was okay,i guess.remember the john waters film "cry baby"? there's a chick in this one that looks just like "hatchet-face" in that film-but this chick did have an awesome body,and great tits.had technical some problems playing the disc, wouldnt advance to the next scene,automatically.also this series puts the same bloopers in every installment.pass on this one,fellow pervs......

 from Horny Over 40 #19
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Not Good

This was kind of lousy.The film quality is grainy,and the action is not great.But the blonde on the box cover saves this one from negative stars.She takes on these 2 guys and they cum numerous times all over her.It was good-but probably not worth renting this for.

 from Horny Over 40 #21
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Pretty Good

this was pretty good.didn't care for the scene with the couple using whipped cream and chocolate,but the rest was good.there's even a cream-pie thrown in here (it's not in the "food scene").camera work was lousy,though-and one scene you could really see the light reflecting off the guy's ass.but thats ok-this is supposed to be amateur,anyway.

 from Horny Over 40 #22
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Not So Great

Not the best I've seen in this series.I like the amatuer porn offered by Xplor-its real average people,but I've seen better installments in this series.It's not BAD,but nothing great or notable here.

 from Horny Hairy Girls #10
Studio: Rodney Moore

Needs A Hair Cut...

Not awful,but not really great.5 scenes-one is BJ only-Amber Ways slobbers WAY too much on Rod's meat-stick.One (Delilah)is just striptease.Surpisingly enough the one that I liked the most was the boyish Katie Bobb.Not that I have any GAY tendencies,mind you.I think what gave me a RISE was that she was SO unlike what a girl in a porno usually looks like.I will give props to Rodney,he gets chicks you won't see elsewhere.Unfortunately his dvds are inconsistent -some are really great and some are PUTRID..its a crap-shoot renting one of his dvds-you might get something great or CRAP out.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #9
Studio: Rodney Moore

On A Scale Of One To......

This is really a question of quantity,and Quality.Theres only 4 scenes-2 of which,the chicks strip,and dance/around.One scene is a blowjob only-BUT there is one good scene with a hefty redhead-I admit I am a sucker for redheads.She was really great,and Holly single-handedly saved this disc from negative stars.Still,the disc was back in the sleeve,in the envelope going back in the mail,in an hour.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #11
Studio: Rodney Moore

Worth A Look

A better than average installment in this series.Although there are 6 chicks,there are only 3 full sex scenes and one BJ.If you like fat,cute girls,you'll like this DVD.Personal favorite was Rowan,a chubby tatooed freak-she took Rodney's anteater in every orifice before getting the obligatory custard facial.Christel,an older redhead was also good-talking on a phone as ol' Rod was jamming his baloney in her mouth,never stopping talking even as she took a slop shot to the eye-what professionalism!Finally at the end there was this really hot goth looking chick-black boots and all-but sadly all she did was strip.Had she gotten boned-this DVD MIGHT have gotten 5 stars....

 from Goo Girls #6
Studio: Rodney Moore

Just Ok

Nothing notable or outstanding in this one.Couple of the girls go way overboard with the drool and spit while blowing Rodney's meat whistle.Major turn-off for me.Most of the chicks WERE cute,though.And most of them had great tits.Also there is an appearance of 'Howard Ramone'-who is Rodney wearing Elvis sunglasses and a bad wig.Who does he think he's kidding?

 from Goo Girls #1
Studio: Rodney Moore

Pretty Goo-D

i liked it.rodney's dvds are usually hit or miss,they are either real good,or terrible.kaylynn was awesome here,getting her face covered with multiple loads of cum.brandi lyons is also good here,as she sucks both rodney,and scott (her husband).internet cum-slut queeny love gets her "eyes dotted" with jizz.all in all a decent disc.....

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