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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from Smokin' #1
Studio: Kick Ass

Blows Smoke..And Thats All

Negative 5 stars.A total waste of 5 hot chicks.There is NO SEX WHATSOEVER in this one.Five naked chicks smoke cigarettes-big whoop !I DON'T LIKE MY FILTH THIS CLEAN.This disc will leave you limper than a hairdresser's wrist...

 from Creamed
Studio: Python


just 'so-so'....nothing great here.the scenes are kinda short-and a couple of the "cream-pies" look faked..the dvd extras were more interesting than the fuck scenes.

 from Ya: Young and Anal #20
Studio: JM Productions

Bored Of The Flies

The girls are great.Especially Dusty who is incredible.She has that great combination of innocence and sexuality.She is worth the rental alone.Unfortunately I was distracted by the flies buzzing around during the scenes.I give the actors a LOT of credit.I would not be able to perform if there were flies landing around the pussy I was trying to eat-or buzzing around my ass while I was trying to fuck.And these were INDOOR scenes,too.

 from Handjobs Across America #2
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Thumbs Down...Among Other Things

Very uninspired effort.All the girls,seemed to be amatuers,didn't recognize any of them as seasoned pros.But they DID know how to yank a crank.Couple of the guys were real MINUTE-MEN...they popped faster than a teenage boy getting his first handful of tit.And on the opposite end of the guy was so flaccid,the chick looked like she was JERKIN' JELLO...pass on this one.

 from Gutter Mouths #23
Studio: JM Productions

My Mind's In This Gutter

Only 4 scenes in this one-but what it lacks in QUANTITY-it makes up in hot ACTION.3 of the 4 chicks get D.P-ed,and all give lots of filthy talk during all the fucking.I love Shay Sights-and she delivers here big time...Just one thing-I had to skip the scene with Silvia Saint-there was this guy with a ring through the head of his shlong-and also his nut-sack---this TOTALLY creeped me out-couldnt watch him,but the other 3 scenes were good enough to get this 4 stars.

 from Maneater
Studio: Vivid

the song was better

The Hall and Oates song was better than this documentary type turd.The sex was few and far between all the talking and interviews.I'll watch 20/20 on TV for that stuff.For my 23 bucks a month I want to see action.Although I did like the 3 way with Angelica Sin who reminds me of a larger busty version of Rachael Ray.But one good scene couldn't save this stinker.

 from Specs Appeal #20
Studio: Kick Ass

"eye" liked it !

This was pretty good,I admit I like chicks with glasses-I kinda like the idea of a brainy chick gnawing on my knob...but back to the dvd..The chicks here are not BOW-WOWS,but not perfect 10s,either.Actually their average looks,and smallish breasts really work here-here's why..if you take your typical STUNNING,HUGE TITTED porn starlet,and slap a pair of glasses,on her...she looks ridiculous,right? THESE chicks actually look like your average glasses wearing chicks,that you would find working at the mall,or the local coffee shop.THUS is the beauty of this disc-a totally believe-able fantasy..Also the glasses provide valuable eye protection from spurting cocks-proof positive that you can be sexy,AND smart..

 from Vacuum Hoes #1: Original Edition
Studio: Crush


Pretty decent DVD-only chick I had seen before was Nicole Brazzle.She was actually HILARIOUS -she made some indescribable sounds,as she was playing the PINK TROMBONE..Worth a look,but several girls were almost 'robotic' as they did their hum- jobs-one blonde chick even looked like she was drifting off to sleep-until she took a shot of tapioca to the eye....

 from Vacuum Hoes #2: Office Edition
Studio: Crush

Sucked-And Not In A Good Way

the chicks were ok,but only one or two showed any enthusiasm,in their "work".a couple were almost robotic,and the last chick actually looked bored/sleepy as the guy was jerking his jerky,preparing to glaze her kisser with man-paste.this series had a few good installments,so i rented this.(wish i didn't)

 from Deepthroat Virgins #10
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Good Jobs

This was pretty good.Some great BJs in this one.I liked the gal with the Russian uniform and cap.( I had a thing for NATASHA on Rocky & Bullwinkle-I thought her accent was sexy).Although there is some tears in here,you do get some real deep throat.But deep throating a short,stubby dick isn't real impressive.But the girls have personality and seem to like doing this,so its enjoyable.

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