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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from Massive Loads Of Cum #2
Studio: Nymph

Load Of Crap Is More Like It....

negative stars.the "college girl" was cute and chubby.but she sucked off 2 rubber-dicked guy drizzled about a half teaspoon of cum on her glasses.the other did launch a monster load,but most ended in a glob in her of this dvd is mish-moshed scenes from old porno flicks.pass on this crap....

 from Mighty Midget, The / Bridget The Midget's Gangbang
Studio: FilmCo

Don't Follow The Yellow Brick Road....

for a 'midget movie',this one sucked big time.the "gang bang" was horrible.terrible lighting and camera work,and 5 or 6 inept,creepy guys.only 2 or 3 were able to cum.not much of a gangbang if most of the "so called studs",can't even cum.the mighty midget movie was mildly amusing-but this disc was back in the mail in record time.don't bother renting this one-you will be like the guys in the gangbang(unable to cum)....

 from Only The A Hole #1
Studio: Odyssey

Dont be an A-Hole and rent this

Ugh.Old grainy footage.Likely an old VHS movie transferred to dvd.How old is the footage?How 'bout Rod Fontana with hair? Nuff said.It's a stinker,and an old one to boot.......

 from Cum Drippers #2
Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed

Drip It Up

I will give this one 3 stars.Parts of this one are really good-Tabitha Stern was super hot digging out cum from her snapper and eating it.And the English gal with her cute accent,as shes getting rear-ended by a real scary looking guy.His face should be on iodine bottles...And there were low points too-the girl with the asshole that looked like a "sea anemone" ugh-what an image.But theres more good moments than bad -so rent this-but keep your remote handy...

 from Gutter Mouths #4
Studio: JM Productions

So-So At Best........

first scene was very good,as the other reviewers have noted.but after that one-my hand was on my fast forward button,more than my cock,that was deflating faster than a tire that ran over a box of nails.the chicks were actually pretty good but one chick was in a 3 way with "rubber-dicked" dave (not)hardman,and 'medicare-age'dick nasty.skipped that one.mia ciccero was really hot-but again she was paired up with 'scary' steve i was trying to watch her,and not look at him-didnt work out-he kept appearing on screen/but scene #1 is worth a rental alone.

 from POV Pervert #2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Love This Series

Another great installment.I like Mike John's philosophy-you don't see any hairy man-ass,just the hot babes.Shelby is so beautiful,as is Jennifer Luv.Couple of chicks are kinda chubby-Gia,Laura and Alicia-but they are hot too.And the exotic looking Sable rounds out the mix.Nice variety of sluts.Some anal mixed in here,plus all chicks gobble the dick pudding.Nice bonus scene too.Worth a look

 from Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers #10
Studio: Midnight

Sucked-And Blew...

disappointing,to say the least. girls are good,as usual-but this one seems to have been edited by a chimp. in a few of the scenes-there are harsh "cuts" in the film along with weird sound effects , like a racing car engine. wtf is that?we guys want to see sucking, not jerky editing. but the worst editing was in the scene with 2 cute young girls sharing steve's prick. they lick it for about 2 min. then one girl goes down on the other-they reverse-and then he blows his wad on their faces. total about 6 min. these chicks were too hot, to condense their scene so much. this pissed me off because i have seen a few of the dvds in this series, and i liked them.

 from Shay's Sweet Treats
Studio: Midnight Mayhem

Crap Times 4

Four short,lousy movies on one dvd.None of the 4 are any good.Nor does Shay Sweet see any action ,other than eating pussy.I used the FF button all through these 4 turds,then it was back in the envelope,and back.A waste of a rental slot.

 from Caution: Your Azz Is In Danger #3
Studio: West Coast

Caution- Hot Contents Inside

I liked this one..OK,theres some hokey dialogue and pseudo-acting to set up the scenes -but once things get rolling,,,,WOW.Only 4 scenes-5 chicks-but each scene has 3-4 guys-and you know what THAT MEANS,guys...yep-each chick takes 3,or 4 loads of MAN SAUCE to the face.The last scene was my fave-4 guys on 2 chicks-and at the end-the 2 chicks were tongue kissing each other as the guys shot their loads onto BOTH faces at once...MANNNNNNNNN that was worth the rental alone......

 from Sticky Side Up #3
Studio: West Coast

Just Ok

This is an OK disc.Most of the five scenes have 2 chicks/one guy.One has 3,and 1 scene has only one.The girls are pretty hot-but there's just nothing memorable about this one.It's not bad,but not great either--kinda like mediocre PIZZA--not great-but its STILL PIZZA

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