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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from Face Blasters #3
Studio: Elegant Angel

Not A Blast To Watch

2 stars for the girls.they are great,but as another reviewer noted,the guys here are so repulsive,they negate any wood you get from the chicks.two old fossils are featured in numerous scenes.i am assuming they bankrolled this production,since i can't imagine someone picking these guys out to make a porno,unless of course a glory-hole flick.and not much blasting,going on either.overall -the cum shots are weak.brandon "the eyedropper" iron also appears here,need i say more?

 from Down The Hatch #17
Studio: Diabolic

Hard To Swallow

didn't like this one.for one thing,some of the guys were spitting in the faces of the girls.there's no call for that,and its not erotic.secondly,for a "swallowing" disc,the guys missed the target a lot.they came everywhere but in the girls mouths.third-the girls were average at best,and a few used makeup like "mimi" on the drew carey show.pass on this-theres better bj discs out there,like the dr fellatio series

 from Anal Fever #2
Studio: Anarchy

Catch The Fever

excellent dvd,lots of action-the chicks are really attractive, nasty,and enthusiastic,about getting their "shit caves" filled with "man lava".the action was a little rough in spots-which personally does nothing for me.i like to keep my sex,and violence separate,thank you.for example -scene #1 features jackie moore-who is a hot,slutty chick -but she is paired up with this lout-ish guy that slaps her around and barks at her-"don't touch my cock!" kinda defeats the purpose,right?but there's a feisty redhead,a couple blondes,and the always alluring brandi lyons in this one,to raise your,err,spirits>>>if scene #1 wasn't a turn-off-this disc would have gotten 5 stars.

 from Gigantic Brick-House Butts #1
Studio: Evasive Angles

I Like Big Butts.........

The title is correct-these are 5 GIGANTIC butts.This is an interracial dvd -all black guys,3 white chicks,2 black chicks.As a white guy of Irish heritage I felt very SMALL,watching the huge cocks on these guys hammer the heifers.Could have been better filmed however./Seems like the camera focused solely on the big asses-which filled the screen,fully.Despite the huge size of the pricks,on these guys-the MONEY SHOTS were very SMALL,and disappointing finishes to the scenes.

 from MILF Cruiser #5
Studio: CinemaPlay

Quality Stuff

Real good DVD -all 5 chicks are really good.A bit TALKY in spots-but it makes up for it with action.If you like freaky fake big tits you will love 2 of these mamas.Had a little trouble with the disc-of course during the best scene-the movie would freeze in favorite was raven haired huge breasted Victoria-that eventually got her lovely face drenched in GOO..a few scenes featured 2 guys-1 chick-but no D_Ps.....also no anal in this one-

 from Tropic Of Desire
Studio: VCX

A Night In The Tropics....

I liked this one.Set in 1945 Hawaii,you get period costumes,old music,and yes-even real acting and a story in this one.This one dates back to late 70s-early 80s-(pre VHS,and DVD).This was the era gone by of porno THEATERS.Yes,kiddies,,,in the bad old days-us perverts had to venture into a filthy seedy theater to watch porn.I compare it to seeing a baseball game at a major league stadium,as opposed to on TV.The crowd was often more entertaining than the movie,,,but I digress...The great Jesie St.James,and Georgina Spelvin appear here,but I didn't recognize any of the male performers.Younger viewers won't like this one,but its great nostalgia for us over 40 sleaze-bags

 from Candy Goes To Hollywood
Studio: VCX

Great Nostalgia

i saw this film originally in a porno theater,back around 1980.i really enjoyed carol connors,as the sweet,dim-witted candy.but as is noted by another reviewer,there seems to be pieces missing.the "dong show" segment was hilarious,then,and still today.the actor's portrayal of chuck barris is dead on.john leslie is in great form as the sleazy agent,too.the "older crowd" will like this one for the nostalgia factor-hairy pussies,natural tits,and cheesy music....

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Candy Samples
Studio: Gentlemen's

Ddd-Don't Bother

Just AWFUL.As a middle-aged pervert-I remember Candy in her heyday-back in the 1980s.Was pretty hot stuff back then-this was before BOOB JOBS were all the I was eager to check this out.This disc has supposedly 6 scenes-really just 2.Basically you get 2 titty fuck scenes on this.John Holmes was in here,but never stuck his wiener NEAR Candy in this one.RENT SOMETHING ELSE-its bound to be better than this

 from Little Cream Puffs #10
Studio: Gentlemen's

No Tasty Desserts Here...

Not good.First off,the disc is real short-only 3 scenes...But in this case its not a BAD thing.The chicks here,although not physically OLD,look very haggard,and worn out.Kinda like a new car that is used as a TAXI.It's not really OLD-just has LOTS OF MILES on it.Couple of the 'cream-pies' looked fake,too.Pass on this one.....

 from M.I.L.F. #2
Studio: Gentlemen's

Wasted Rental Slot

Ugh.Only 3 scenes and 2 were terrible.There was one older lady with short blonde hair that was pretty good-but one good scene doesn't save this dvd.Don't bother.One scene has the chick jerking the guys prick at the end...and the guy doesn't even pop!They did a "fade to black" like some cheesy art film.WTF is that?Save your rental slot for something better-which is everything!

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