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All Reviews by Dee&Kay
 from Satyr
Studio: Wicked

Weird But A Good Weird

Some comments were this was dated but we found it not so bad. The story is good, the bodies are hot. The costumes and animal transformation was a little but of a turn off but Jenna and Asia got my wife and I really going. I think it is a good couples movie, but has some strange twists.

 from Partners Forever
Studio: Wicked

Robbo Cop Meets Ghost With Sex

The actors were good looking and they did a good job with the story line for a porn movie. The acting was good over all but some of the sex was a little boring but the scene where the ghost posses the girl to have sex with his former wife was interesting and the best in the film. It is kind of like Robbo Cop meets Ghost with sex. But like one reviewer said "If you like harder movies you will be bored" with this one. We were a little.

 from PornoMation #2
Studio: Pornotopia

Too Strange For Us

You know we kind of liked the opening bit with the man made of water, but we both, my wife more then really found it too strange to watch the whole thing. I am sure it take a lot of work to make something like this but the alien sex was just over the top for us.

 from A Midsummer Night's Cream
Studio: Adam & Eve

It Was Not All That Good

I was disappointed in this as it seemed from other reviews to be better then it turned out to be. As a Couples Flick it was just so so. The plot was good and creative but the acting, I mean I know it is porn but come on, you need to know what you can do and get away with.

 from Supernatural
Studio: Wicked

Falls Short In Many Ways

OK movie I guess, but I think it was missing something. We thought Katie Moran was hot in her scene but others were kind of going through the motions. Kirsten Price is always very sexy but it just kind of fell short. Not sure I would recommend it but it is nice camera work and the idea behind the plot is good but it just falls short.

 from Ashlynn Goes To College #1
Studio: New Sensations

I Liked It

This one was goof. Funny too. Not all that hard core but nice for getting couples in the mood and the story was good. I would say this is a good rent.