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All Reviews by Deano
 from Bring'Um Young #2
Studio: Anabolic

My First 5 Stars Rating Goes To This Flick

There was no bad scene, all were good, some very, very good. What makes this film so good is all the girls really enjoying themselves and a lot of orgasms. None of the girls had knockout looks, but the sex was exceptional. I like the showing of the drivers license prior to the scene, revealing most of their heights and weights- brilliant idea by the producers to ward off a witch hunt for underage girls. This movie was a lot of fun, it is hard not to really like it regardless of your tastes.

 from Rocco's Best Buttfucks #1
Studio: Rocco Siffredi

Typical Rocco Crap Movie

rocco gets the award for the worst looking girls in any series of movies i have seen. i do not see any true passion in his scenes, and nearly all of his white girls are there solely for the money, obviously not enjoying the sex much. and, i tired of seeing him butt fuck so many girls. has grown old fast. i gave one other review, on a rocco movie, "rocco invades poland" that too sucks. rocco siffredi turned out truly good movies in his younger days, but now should pack it in. the girls in his movies are all very tall, not feminine, and last passion. some 5 years back, i saw a rocco movie that he filmed i believe in romania and the girls were very cute and into the sex, but now his girls are very played out. pass on this crap, there is much better quality girls out there, and they're from asia!!!! hope this helps.

 from Barely Legal On Vacation #1
Studio: Hustler

This Is Fun

mariah (the petite brunette) steals the show. she performs well in two scenes that are very, very good. mariah had formerly worked as a flight attendant for some airline before getting into the adult business and really loves to have sex, you can tell. overall, the sex is not so hot, but the beautiful scenery of cabo san lucas, mexico makes it entertaining and a good rental. i found one thing quite unusual that they showed in "behind the scenes" footage. the tallest blonde girl apparently slapped one of the guys and he then struck her back. the footage is shown immediately following, with the blonde furious, and all hell then broke loose on the set, with one girl defending the guy and attacking the other blonde girl. so, we had two blondes fighting and it got quite nasty, and was obviously real. the guy was being spoken to about striking a girl and claims "if i get hit, i hit back". they labeled the scene, "trouble in paradise". this is a good rental just to see mariah orgasm in her two scenes.

 from Grrl Power! #4
Studio: Kick Ass

One Of The Worst Movies I Ever Viewed

This movie deserves minus one star. It was atrocious. Either my movie selections as of late are poor or the adult industry is turning out some horrific, crappy movies. The girls are all unattractive in this movie, the guys had average size dicks aside from one scene with Erik Everhard who was awful, and that nice, fat guy, legendary Ron Jeremy was in one scene and did not even fuck the two girls, instead he masturbated onto them. What a totally, useless waste of my time. And, the filming had no close ups, it reminded me of the old porn from the 80s that was shot at a distance. Also, not one girl even got wet, that should tell you a lot. I will avoid any more Grrl power! movies, you folks should too. By the way, the movie arrived a day earlier than anticipated, super fast, so I am thankful I can get rid of it that much sooner and will mail it back first thing in the morning.

 from Barely Legal #14
Studio: Hustler

This Dvd Is Epic, Great, The Best Barely Legal!!!

I've seen roughly 30 of these barely legal movies and this is the best, by far. I rank it as one of the best porn movies I ever viewed. There are five scenes and they are all good. The last four are exceptional, only the first scene was mediocre to ok. Can't say enough about this flick, I don't know where they got such cute girls, the sex is real, very wet girls, some creaming, plenty of orgasms from the girls, their is no faking and all but one scene takes place outdoors. There is no weakness in the flick. It is superb, the best scene to me was the sex outdoors on the pig farm with the girl on top, and the art student scene a close second, also incredible. I haven't seen these girls before in the adult industry. Man o man this DVD was great! This is a must rental.

 from Barely Legal #17
Studio: Hustler

One Very Good Scene

This movie is typical Barely Legal, nothing great, but not bad. It is worth renting just to see Kimmy Kann get slammed by Erik Everhard. This scene was very hot but too short, I wished it had gone on longer. If you like them young, see Kimmy Kann, she looks about age 16 to me- see for yourself.

 from Barefoot Confidential #7
Studio: Kick Ass

Disappointing- A Rip Off

I expected much more and this DVD turned out to be total crap. There are only three scenes, that's it!!! what a rip off. One, girl on girl scene, that I skipped over, and two scenes with boy and girl. Brandon Iron screws some blonde and she is silent the whole time, really awfully boring and no passion. I got this to see the cute blonde Allysin Chaynes who is on the cover and the sex was also boring and very short between her and her boyfriend. The girls in this flick are like cold fish and the producer has a lot of nerve putting together trash like this and fooling us into thinking it is legit by viewing the cover and back of the DVD box.

 from A Group Thing #1
Studio: Red Light District

A Fun Movie But The Girls Lack Wetness

this is an especially good movie to see with a girl. nothing will hold you in suspense, but it hasn't any rough stuff and it is quite fun. what it really lacks is any girls getting wet, something strikingly apparent. one blonde girl is american and very thin, while the others i believe are all from london and rather full figured, even actress "rose petal" is no small girl, something i misinterpreted while viewing the previews. not my type of preference in girls, and if you like petite girls, which i do, you may dislike this flick a lot. most of them seemed to really enjoy being there and comfortable, but during the interviews before the sex, the guys were briefly asked several questions by the director and two of the guys were french. steve holmes was enjoying the chat, laughing, but the other french guy got really pissed off at the producer who cracked some smart ass joke and the french guy him dirty looks while sitting on the sofa. i thought a confrontation was about to take place. something about the directors of porn movies, they show no tact and easily offend the participants, suppose they just don't care. the flick is good, just the girls are all too dry and i dont care to see most of them having anal sex. just my opinion, hope this helps.

 from Barely Legal #23
Studio: Hustler

Bad Sex

Suppose we just have different tastes, because this DVD had a decent rating and yet I enjoyed absolutely nothing in it. 5 scenes, all boring, no natural wetness from the girls, they are bone dry, and only Taylor Rain is cute, the other girls are not cute, or pretty, just tall and lean. The sex is so staged and unnatural, that the moans and groans are not real. Director Clive McLean needs to stop micromanaging every scene, put down his camera, and just let them fuck. None of the girls or guys is into it and it was very disappointing. This is one of the worst Barely Legal flicks.

 from Bring'Um Young #9
Studio: Anabolic

Two Great Scenes, Wow!!!!!

Desert Rose is absolutely the closest thing to a perfect body and could not have looked finer. I like her short hair, thin body, cute face, petite frame. She wears sneakers during the sex, appears to be a college kid, is spontaneous, real life, and Lexy Lane screams the entire scene from pleasure, you can tell she isnt faking it. Both cream a little early on, but not too much during the scenes. They get fucked very hard too, a bit too roughly. This is the first movie I saw of this series and was highly impressed. if it had just one more good scene I would have crossed the plateau and given it 5 stars but the other scenes didnt capture much for me. Two great scenes, worth seeing and Desert Rose is second to none, turns me on as much as any girl, ever. I have to check out all the other movies in this series.

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