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All Reviews by Dave C
 from Barely Legal #2
Studio: Hustler

Rent It

One of , if not the best I have ever rented. Excellent camera work and production.This movie looks like they really put some time and money ionto it. O'yea the girls arent bad either

 from 18 And Nasty #10
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Not That Good

This dvd is not as good as the others of this serise thatI have rented. Most of the girls are ok.,the onjefrom canada is my favroite,and the others ar ok with the exception of the fitrst.It does not seem that they put the effortinto this one as theydid in the others.

 from Homegrown Video #579
Studio: Homegrown Video

Wordsfail Me

I wish there was a no star you could vote for. I recieved both viedo today and watchedboth. Tomorrow I will mail them back. No second look, just drop them in the mail

 from Homegrown Video #589
Studio: Homegrown Video

Very Good In Sections

One section of this dvd makes it worth renting,the section with two couples, each having sex with their own partner, they never swap but both woman do a wonderful job in giving the viewer what he wants.

 from 3 Black Dicks & A Spanish Chick #1
Studio: Evasive Angles

I Guessi Missed Somthing

I guessUImissed somthing. All the scenes are the same, with the exception of the girl. I got bored and ziped through the movie. I* guessI want a lttle more imagination thanthsmovieprovided. Itmay be fine for some, but for me it was a sleeper.;

 from 18 And Nasty #38
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Not Bad But Not That Good

I only watched it twice. The girls were ok but for some reason it did not turn me on. I would give it a try.

 from Mandingo #3
Studio: West Coast

Good BUT NOT as good as someof the others. Itmust be thatthe girlsdidnot appeal to me as much as inthe other movies. It may have more appeal for others.

 from Homegrown Video #612
Studio: Homegrown Video

Not Very Good

The first couple do a good job, but it runs too long. From this point it go's down hill quickly. I viewedit once and sent it back.The only interesting thing is the previews of other dvd the company puts out, some of look interesting, but this one fell flat.

 from Mandingo #9
Studio: West Coast

It's Soooooo Big

Not a bad movie. I agree with the other reviewer, its amazing how these smallgirls take all (or most) of it. Iespically like the first section, the girl is cute andhas a nice tight bod.

 from White Trash Whore #16
Studio: JM Productions

I Would Not Bother

Bad acting, very contrived.O babby,o babby. I didnot like it very much as you can tell. And the previews, the begining is so loaded with previews of other bad movies this outfit made ,that you wonder if the main movie is ever going to startr. Just not my cup of tee

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