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All Reviews by Dada
 from Gang Bang Angels #5
Studio: Elegant Angel

Yee Haw!

ten guys, one girl, and a cowboy theme. how can you go wrong? the movie starts with the girl in her bedroom, fantasizing about being a dancer in the old west, and rolling around on her bed dramatically lit, talking dirty. this is a situation in which the "girl talking to the camera" opening scene actually works, because the whole movie is basically one long scene -- the suspense (as it were) has to start building somewhere. now, if you decide to play "spot the anachronism" as a drinking game, you'll pass out well before she gets her dress off. keep your eyes open for the cowboy with the pager. there are chapter selections on the dvd, if you just can't wait through the teasing, the blowjob buffet, and the pussy eating parts of the movie to get to the gang-bang. however, the movie is fairly well-paced, and well-shot, and no one's that bad looking. more could have been done with the dp portion of the film; she just gets on top of one guy and the other nine take turns in her ass. it's just one variation. there's "making-of" footage over the credits, which wasn't a turn on, but was entertaining. condoms are not used in this film.

 from New Wave Hookers #2
Studio: VCA

Fun And Funny

This is a great, campy, funny movie. Big 80's hair and costumes, the music isn't bad, and the filler scenes are laugh-out-loud funny. Also, and more to the point, the sex scenes are hot. The acting in the non-sexual parts of the film is about what you'd expect, but the enthusiasm is far above average in the sex scenes, which makes them hot. Everyone in the movie is reasonably good looking, although there are no real stand-out beauties. There's not much repetition in the scenes either, and they manage to cover a bunch of different combinations, including a very nice gang scene. It's the lovechild of low-budget sci-fi and high-budget porn, and I can't wait to see the next one in the franchise. Condoms are not used in this film.

 from Fashionistas (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel

Rubber Baby Bugger Humpers

high-budget porn like fashionistas is rare, beautiful, and should be encouraged at every opportunity. the film quality and editing are well done and sexy. there are a few interesting lighting effects, but nothing so aggressively "artistic" as to detract from the main point of an adult film -- which is to arouse. the pacing and balance between "story" scenes and sex scenes is also well done, and the sex scenes do actually relate to the plot, which is a nice touch. the acting is a little wooden, but compared to standard porn acting, these are oscar-worthy performances. when it comes down to it, though, fashionistas is about the clothes, just like the title would suggest. the fetish fashions that this movie features include rubber masks, lots of latex, and even a pony-girl. the settings are creative and varied as well. however, the fetish is light enough in this movie to be enjoyable by most people, and not just fetish enthusiasts. there's some spanking, a little flogging, and a few other toys get cameos, but most of the scenes involve traditional oral, vaginal, or anal penetration, including some of the most impressive deep-throating i've seen recently. one unusual thing -- there were no all-girl sex scenes at all (on this disc). this was disc 2 of 2, and although i haven't seen the first disc yet, the plot is not complex enough for this to be a serious problem. based on having seen this half, i'd recommend either half to anyone who didn't actually have an aversion to latex. however, despite all the other latex, no condoms are evident in any scene in this film.

 from Kansas City Trucking Co.
Studio: His

Classic For A Reason!

This classic film was fantastic. I expected 1970's gay porn to be overwhelmed by bad fashion and moustaches, but I was delighted to find a variety of guys and looks, in a dreamlike, almost poetic, sensual story. It was great to see a porn where all the guys weren't exactly the same. Modern gay porn is too niched, and the viewer is forced to choose between slender, muscular, blond and smooth, dark and furry, and all the other shapes that men come in. This had a nice variety of believable guys in decent shape. There's more JO and oral than fucking, which is fine by me, but may turn other people off. This is pre-condom.

 from New Wave Hookers #3
Studio: VCA

Science At Its Finest!

This is another silly installment in the Dark Brothers' series about music that turns women into slavering sex maniacs. It differs from NWH #2 in having a lot more girl/girl scenes and in the focus on feet and shoes. If I had a foot fetish, this movie would have gotten 5 stars. The actors and actresses are not as attractive as in the previous NWH movies, but the tongue-in-cheek humor is just as raunchy and silly as expected. The Dark Brothers experiment more with MTV-style editing in this picture, which is hit-or-miss; in some scenes, it's very sexy, and in others, it's dizzying and distracting. Still, overall this is a very sexy movie with a lot of laughs, great group scenes (including the mandatory NWH baby-oil initiation gang-bang), and nice oral, anal, and pussy action. One laugh-laugh-out loud scene has to be witnessed to be believed, because even describing it would be a spoiler. Definitely worth the rental.

 from Fuck & Play
Studio: Collateral Damage

No creativity here. 6 scenes, all exactly the same - including being in the same chair. (one anal scene) The actors all seem bored and probably high. Generally attractive girls, but nothing special. Camera work is dull and shaky. Guys are nothing to write home about either. Condoms are not used. My favorite moment: in scene 5 when you can hear a dog outside barking.

 from Tits That Saved XXX-Mas, The
Studio: Big Top

Big Toys For Big Boys

santa can't get his sleigh up unless mrs. claus gives up the magic. this silly holiday romp has four scenes, all man/woman, no anal. while the actresses are all fairly good looking, and the plot and acting are bad enough to be amusing, the "christmassy" soundtrack playing through the entire movie is just too distracting. maybe santa would have an easier time getting his sleigh up if they stopped playing the muzak for a second. the real gem on this dvd is the bonus features. the "making of" reel is hysterical, and actually hotter than the movie. there are also interviews with the actresses, which is kind of cool. condoms are used in one act.

 from 3 Way Bi Way #1
Studio: Heatwave

Hot, But Too Short

If you're looking for pretty, twinkish boys getting sandwiched between a musclebound top and women with realistic bodies, this is the movie for you. This film consists of three vignettes (2 outdoors) starring the same guy as top, but with different costars. The guys in the middle of the sandwich were all of roughly the same type, but one I wholeheartedly approve of, being young, lean, and pretty. The women were all more curvy than you see in most porn with about average acting skills and enthusiasm. However, as a whole, this was a pretty hot movie, and I was disappointed that it wasn't longer. What was in the movie was hot. What was missing: I would have liked to have seen both guys getting penetrated in a scene, there was not enough kissing between guys, and it seems like a DP would have been a natural extension. Condoms are used in this film for anal, but not vaginal penetration, however they did have some trouble with condoms breaking (condoms break in the first two vignettes). The third scene they switch brands (or at least, the condom is a different color) and they don't seem to have that problem.

 from Bodies In Lotion
Studio: Vivid

4 Hours Of Slippery Fun

As with all compilations, a lot of this DVD is filler, and it's unclear how the filler relates to the theme of the DVD. Any scene seems to have qualified for this DVD as long as some lube is visible somewhere. However, there are a couple vegetable-oil-wrestling scenes, a couple more restrained baby-oil scenes, and there's something for most (straight) tastes in this collection. There's a couple of all-girl 3+ scenes, some mixed threesomes (although there's no DP in the only F-M-M threesome scene), and lots of toys used. There is a lot of anal, which I liked, but which I suppose might not be a plus for everyone. The actor's bodies fall into porn norms, although it was nice to see several women with more realistic (smaller) chests. Generally, I'd call this worth the rental, but be prepared to skip around a bit. Condoms are used in about half the scenes in this film that have cocks in them (there's enough all-girl that it was hard to keep count).

 from Sodomania Warning: Not For the Faint of Heart
Studio: Elegant Angel

Porn With Punchlines

this is a compilation of a few silly (and pretty hot) vignettes, with a couple of filler amateur scenes thrown in to pad out the length. the amateur scenes are ultimately skippable, being of the "guy holding the camera while getting laid" variety. sound quality is also an issue in some of the scenes, as half of the dialogue is unintelligible due to careless use of directional microphones. some of the dialogue is also not in english. however, there's some very nicely done anal and amusing scenarios with comic twists. this movie does not have any of the shots of gaping open assholes, which i liked. this film isn't really bisexual as there are no guy-on-guy moments in any of the scenes, but the scene with girls using toys on a guy is definitely sizzling and worth watching a second time. only a couple of the actors are hot enough to be worth mentioning, but the overall enthusiasm level tends to make up for it. i'd call this a good watch for people who are into anal, role-play, and who may be curious about men getting penetrated. condoms are not used in this film.

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