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All Reviews by D-Dub
 from Oral Consumption #1
Studio: Anabolic

Not Half Bad!

This was cool - some realy good pops, good girls, its a few years old - this was an innovator - but too many shots of foot sucking and toe sucking. Still, this shines and is a one of the better bj tapes out there - but this series got better after teh first one.

 from Initiations #3
Studio: Anabolic

bella donna, adriane sage & more

Ok, you have Bella Donna in an early, great scene, Adriana Sage and at least 2 or 3 other great ones from the late 90s - you really can't go wrong with this one.

 from Gangbang Auditions #5
Studio: Diabolic

Not Bad

Ok, I don't know who the first girl was and didn't care. Now SYREN was a chick who did a bunch of videos in the late 90s and dissapeared - she was hot as a pistol - only in this gang bang - which is outdoors (terrible idea always) - there is a bug or two that keeps coming up to her snatch and poon to completely distract you - that said - still a good show if you could get away from the bugs. Mirage is here in all her pre-superstar glory - another outdoor scene where she takes on 8 men - all ok - nothing greta - the outdoor set isn't condusive to a great scene - worst of all - much of her multi-pop shot takes place over credits!!!!! - still - 3 girls and 3 gang bangs - 2 of which are pretty hot - not bad for the rental.

 from Initiations #5
Studio: Anabolic

wow! claudia, fawna & the first girl!

First rate production - tons of chicks - the first black girl - i forget her name but WOW WOW WOW WOW - unforgettable - Fawna is ALWAYS GREAT and Claudia, the sweet Russian has a final scene which is a true gang bang style SCORCHER. A winner in every sense of the word.

 from Talk Dirty To Me #2
Studio: Dreamland

A Masterpiece Chopped!

Fantastic older porn when they were actually movies - I still find myself wishing, 20 years later, that Bridget Monet really went wild and did a crazy sex scene instead of the very tame one - but god, she was gorgeous. I have 2 complaints - There is a girl at the front of the film, the first girl that John Leslie fux, she's supposedly his friend's daughter - and the scene of John eating this delectable cookie has been deleted! And so has the sexy cum shot where she wax him off! Then in the maid scene - the cum shot again is missing!!! Great movie - and I still stroked vigorously - but why the cuts? Did anyone else notice this? D-Dub

 from Oral Consumption #4
Studio: Anabolic

One Of The Very Finest

Anne Howe, Bella Donna, Calli Cox - the list goes on. There is an Asian woman who takes one of the mightiest facials - Anne Howe is a treat and this was probabyl her best ever scene - this one is a classic thru and thru.

 from Down The Hatch #1
Studio: Diabolic

One Of The Best Of The 90S

Mike John started a whole new revolution with this - the first of the still going - down the hatch series. Some of the girls are just ok - standouts are Anastasia Blue - who gives a PHENOM BJ early on - then takes on a bunch of dudes. The black girl in the beginnning who does the outdoor gang bang and then later a solo bj is also great - but the rest of the girls are ok - it's just the style and quick cutting that was so incredible. Cricket was actually pretty hot. But it's the style - Mike John made this a keeper series.

 from Bottom Dweller, The #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Really The Best Of The 90S?

This is tough - from what i remmeber - BOTTOM DWELLER series really did take off and have some most excellent installments - but in this dreary first outting - which is probably innovative first and sexy second, the considerable talents of Lacy Rose (remember her!) and Tyfanny Mynxx (how can we forget!) are mostly wasted in some bad videography and I don't think there's one good pop shot the whole show - skip this one and forge ahead to the superior entries in this series.

 from Cumback Pussy #21
Studio: Elegant Angel

Great Oldie But Goody.

Wow - Alana Evans and Monique in the same scorching scene? Leani Lea taking her first dp? All oral pops - hard not to really like this one.

 from Things Change: My First Time
Studio: Cal Vista

Blah Blah Blah

new reissue of an OLD film - the ONLY thing this might be good for is a chick who hates porn but can barely tolerate somethign like this - the only notable thing in the entire old school (early 90s I'd say) production shot on old shithouse video is the inclusion of a wonder girl named FLAME - who only did a few movies and then got out of the biz - to marry the pres. of some video company - in any case - save your money and energy.

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