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All Reviews by D-Dub
 from Toastee Exposed
Studio: Vivid

Toastee Rules!

One Scene. No screwing. Just a strip and a hangjob that leads to a blistering blowjob - it's a half hour - and just perfect enought to make you feel like you really had an experience with Toastee - the dvd appears to be a private tape that got out - and it seems Toastee's services were for hire (would be my guess() which makes the whole thing even hotter - if you're into toastee - don't worry about the running time and just ENJOY.

 from Super Model P.O.V.
Studio: Nasty Pixxx

Not Too Shabby!

The filming style is a little weird - but the girls are uniformly HOT - every scenes ends with a facial - particuraly the 1st or 2nd scene with the hot asian babe - that one is the tape's scorcher - but this is a well done production - a worthy rental - more for couples, as it's not as hardcore as some of the other titles - not exactly gonzo. my girlfriend LOVED it.

 from Teens Too Pretty For Porn #5
Studio: T.T.B. Productions


Lots of pretty girls in vapidly uninspiring and unstrokable scenes - a waste from top to bottom.

 from Housewives Unleashed #22
Studio: Homegrown SELECT


I guess if u're into amateur stuff - this is cool - but it seemed more amateurish then true amateur - they all had bad plotlines and set ups - the sex is filmed bad - and the scenes all are seperated so you can't wind back on the previous pop shot because the next scene is in it's own chapter (you know what i mean) - i didn't find this too hot at all. I spanked once to it but i had nothing else to work with that nite!

 from Debbie Does Dallas... Again (Disc 3)
Studio: Vivid

Awesome Classic Debbie!

The original classic is here on disc 3 - Bambi Woods, Arcadia Lake - that GREAT GREAT scene where the Michael Keaton lookalike has the two car washing high schoolers let him touch them for money - this is great, classic stuff. QAnd by the way - this film was way ahead of it's time: more then half the scenes end in VERY sloppy facials. The score, which could either be porn or a horror film, rocks - and this is DA BOMB!

 from Mike In Brazil #1
Studio: Reality Kings

Realistic But Kinda Boring.

A cool travelogue to Brazil - but not great sex scenes - too many outdoor sex, takes too long - but the last two scenes on the dvd redeem this - barely.

 from Interracial Madness #3
Studio: Camel Toe Productions

Vanessa Blue Strikes Again

A not-bad porno wiht one ABSOLUTELY BLISTERING SCENE with Vanessa Blue - she takes on this white guy in which is one of the best scenes i've ever seen her in - for BLUE fans - this is a must see. The rest is servicable.

 from Girl Next Door #1
Studio: Dr. Moretwat

Please Ignore Above Review

I thought it was WHOS THAT GIRL _ this dvd was very VERY bottom of the barrel on every imaginable level.

 from Bachelor Party Fuckfest! #1
Studio: Hush Hush


If you need to see tons of guys and gals fucking and facials and the guys being super obnoxious - this is for you - if you were looking for something a little more erotic - maybe something that ACTUALLY RESEMBLES a REAL BACHELOR party - run for the hills. I had the misfortune of renting this twice by accident - ugghhh. For the record - I don't think there is anything truly wankable in this entire film.

 from A Little Cumster In The Dumpster
Studio: Acid Rain

Not Bad For Internal Shots!

Most of the girls are hot and the scenes are long and there are plentiful extras - however - you MUST be a fan of internal come shots to really enjoy this.

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