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All Reviews by D
 from F Zone
Studio: Wicked

We liked it

The set was nicer then most, the actresses were decent looking (aside from the one or 2, you know how it is) and it had some really classic porno movie style scenes. Worth watching once.

 from 2 Girls For Every Guy #2
Studio: Acid Rain

Agreed with bottom 2

It wasn't absolutley horrible, but with the same guys and there shameless plug every 5 minutes like we do not know the title, and the spitting that never hit the mark, camera cavity probes, it just wasn't my flavor. The women were definatley there for the check : /

 from A Girl's Guide To Girls
Studio: Penthouse


I liked the fact that this was a softer porn, Perhaps a little too soft for my tastes but watching it with my girlfriend it was one she enjoyed as well. I would recommend this for a couple n/p. The girls were porn star cute, Nothing freaky at all going on aside from of course the lesbian aspect. The acting was even amusing. I wasn't blown away, but I was impressed.

 from Badass School Girls #3
Studio: Adam & Eve

I agree

The girls were great, but the east coast guy was on the money with the rest. Still though I would watch this one again just for the outfits! ha ha

 from Evil Anal #10 (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel

Not worth it

One scene on this disc and the male actor / producer was very irritating. But if you really enjoyed the first disc this second disc has alot more of the same.

 from Evil Anal #10 (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel

Not to swift

My girl does not care for uncut penis, but if you like that sort of thing plenty of it in this film. I didn't really care for the 5 minute camera shots of the inside female colon. But of course, to each there own.

 from Bald Pussies Hot Asses #7
Studio: FilmCo


There is not much more to be said then has been said already, for the first time in my life, I actually fell asleep during a porn. It wasn't even laughable bad.