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All Reviews by Cumbum
 from Gangbang Girl #12
Studio: Anabolic

Good Movie But Bad Lighting

The action in this flick was pretty good and what you expect from a gangbang movie. Crystal Wilder starts things off in a strip club dancing then getting banged by the crowd. As typical of Crystal and the GBG series, she swllows a good bit of cum. But most of it is hard to see as the lighting is quite poor. One bad thing about the scene is Crystal keeps trying to give the guys a kiss after taking their cum. If you don';t like this it might turn you off. If you do like it, well bad news anyway, all the guys back away ruining any hotness that it might have had for you. So no matter what your tastes, it's a downer. Nest up is the sensationally hot Kitty Yung, but alas, thelighting gets even worse. It is apparent she swallows a lot of jizz, but you see very little of it. Where as Crystal was the aggressor in her scene, Kitty for the most part lays back and gets banged. Good contrast between the scenes. Last up is Sienna. It's the old gangbang on the pool table scene but at least the lighting is drastically improved. Probably the least interesting scene on the DVD but not too bad. Overall between decent action and mediocre production values, I have to ratethis one pretty average.

 from Welcum To Chloeville #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Oddly Censored But Still Fairly Hot!

Any movie with Chloe is at least good, but this one was a little strange. There are two places in the movie where Chloe gets ass-fucked -- once with a dildo and once with a cock -- and both are censored with a black dot covering the action. Yet the previews feature 10 times the ass-fucking with no censorship. Other than that, the movie was pretty good but nothing special. I would have prefered more Chloe and less of the other girls who were all so-so with no real standouts. If you like Chloe, you need to see it for her, but otherwise you should probably move on to something hotter.

 from Asian She-Male Gang bang
Studio: Gentlemen's

It Is What It Is

If you are looking for a fairly nice looking Asian tranny getting banged for over an hour and you aren't disturbed or turned off by men eating cum, then this is a decent movie. The set sucks. In fact, it sucks bad. And it is only one scene of a few guys banging Allenina with no real variety. And one of the guys, an older dude, licks up the cum that Allenina doesn't eat. More of an intersting oddity than a hot movie though. Kind of average.

 from Up Close And Virtual With Gia Darling
Studio: Goodfellas

Interesting, But Not Essential

I had certain expectations from the "transexual Barbie" that the DVD didn't quite live up to. In raw live action, Gia doesn't have the perfection she manages to pull off in still photos and public appearances. But having control, at least to a limited extent, over the action made this an enjoyable DVD, though I would have prefered Gia swallow "my" cum rather than just have it sprayed on her tits. But if cumming on tits is your thing, I guess this would be great for you. Not bad, but not great, sort of average. 3 stars.

 from Best Of Gangbang Girl, The #7
Studio: Anabolic

4 Great Scenes From 6 Hot Women

The best scene is with Chloe and Tricia Devereaux taking on the men in their apartment complex. This was Chloe at her prime taking load after load enthusiastically and loving every minute of it. Tricia Devereaux puts in a great performance as well. Next best scene is Christy Parks taking on the bowling league. She gets a big mouthful of cum before greedily swallowing it down! Hot! Third best would be Alana Evans and adorable Molly Rome as a mother/daughter team taking on their husband/father's buddies at his funeral. Molly unfortunately swallows very little cum, but Alana is more than happy to lick the excess from her face. The only scene I didn't really care for was Belladonna's but that is just because I do not care for her. Her performance was top notch taking on a prison full of cock and if you are a fan of hers you will enjoy! Alana Evans, Belladonna, Chloe, Christy Parks, Molly Rome, Tricia Devereaux

 from American Gokkun #4
Studio: JM Productions

The Best Of The Series So Far

With the first three American Gokkuns, there was always one scene where the girl kicked ass and one scene where the girl either seemed in way over her head or just flat out did not want to be there. This time around both girls do a great job. It is still nothing compared to the stuff coming out of Japan, but its getting there and definitely a 5-star effort here!