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All Reviews by Cruise
 from Tailgunners (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve

Liked It

Great sex in this flick, lots of variety, only 1 girl/girl scene, which we both think are always boring, but this one was all right. Lots of good anal, the first chick was hot, has a real sexy voice. Just good modern day sex, none of that boring 90's crap. ONLY NEGATIVE, which really isn't even that negative -- the story had a decent plot, we actually wanted to see the end. Problem is it like never ended, it just kept going and going ... and going. Make this a TWO night watch, of you'll be like us, starting the movie at 9:00 and it wasn't over until after 11:45. Seriously. I would say, when you get to the Evan Stone and Carmen scene, stop there and resume the next day. Otherwise as I said, a great flick.

 from Cum Face Fuck Dolls
Studio: Evil Angel

Had potential

I liked the idea, I don't need to explain it to you it's pretty much in the description, but the girls are kinda eh, and what each scene is is them having sex with just one guy, and other guys come and cum on them; the girls don't do anything with the other guys at all, and there's not really many other guys either, and they don't even get "involved" until several minutes into the scene, nor that often. This could work, but this isn't how to do it in my opinion.

 from Anal Cavity Search #6 (Disc 1)
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

I'll assume the other discs' better...

Jenna Haze is really cute, always liked her. Nothing special about her scene though, nor any of the other's really...they're ALL too long, take forever to get going. I didn't think a movie called Anal Cavity Search would be worrying about drama and "setting the scene" but boy oh boy, does it ever! A good 20 minutes for each scene is dedicated to some lame backstory for Jenna to end up in a jail cell, this other guy to audition to be a porn's just lame. Sex was okay, but nothing special really, same old oral/vaginal/anal/done as your average porn. The girls were pretty, the movie looked good, but it's not getting over 3 stars for it's that should tell you what I thought of the drama.

 from Anal Acrobats #4 (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel

Pretty Darn Good

First off, I'm probably pretty unobservant but I didn't even know that there were guys in this movie, I thought it'd just be girls messing around; they do mess around, but then get rammed by a guy afterward. The girls are all really hot, and really seem to enjoy what they are doing. And all of the positions that they are in are really nice too when they are having sex, it's not just the uncreative doggy or girl on top reverse cowgirl. My only comlaint was that there was only two scenes I think; the film was over an hour and a half, and I watched the whole thing, didn't skip any of it it was that good. But since me wishing the movie was longer can't really be deemed a complaint about the film, I award it five stars.

 from Massive Facials #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Not what I was looking for

I dunno, the girls were all pretty attractive and everything, I just personally found the scenes kind of boring. There was almost no actual sex at all, just guys getting off on girls, so it was kind of repetitious to me. That is all.