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All Reviews by Couple
 from Masquerade (L'Empreinte Du Vice)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Solid Action

This movie rates well. The ladies were attractive and there were a variety of scenes from DP to a single lady masterbating while watching sex. I enjoy movies where the cast are wearing sexy outfits and this movie fits the bill. This is our first movie by this director and will add more of his to the que.

 from Wild Thing
Studio: Wicked

Good Movie

My wife and I liked this film. The women were hot and well done. We enjoy watching 3-ways and there was only one but still worth the rent.

 from Dinner Party, The
Studio: Adam & Eve

Too Artsy

This would have been a great movie. I watched it with my wife and she agrees. Way too much music, too many attempts at being artistic. The waterfall scene would have been great but you couldn't see anything. If you don't like scenes with 100% music over the action and attempts at art, this is not for you. Great looking actresses though. Shame.

 from Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge
Studio: Vivid

Solid Movie

The star is gorgeous. Her scene with the waiter and waitress was very hot. My wife got off twice during the 2 on one scene with the coach. If you like 2 girls one guy, this movie will not disappoint.

 from Skin Deep
Studio: Wicked


This movie didn't offer much. While the blonde was very hot, the sex was on the vanilla side. Movie was just ok but kind of boring.

 from Heart Of Darkness
Studio: Vivid

Too much Randy

This would have a lower rating if it were not for sunrise adams. She is outstanding. Randy Spears is in just about every scene. It got old after a while. I will watch anything with Sunrise Adams though.

 from Nina Hartley's Guide To Threesomes: Two Guys & A Girl
Studio: Adam & Eve

Not good

I thought I would give this one a shot. There are only two scenes, which was disappointing because nicole sheridan is in the opening and thought she would be in it. First scene is with Nina and is way too long. Also, she stops in the middle of the action to give advice, what a buzz kill. Second scence is good, the girl is hot but not enought to make up for the boring first scene.

 from Promises Of The Heart
Studio: Wicked

First two scenes

The first two scenes are the best especially if your into a little group (threesome) action. The one on one scenes lacked the energy that these two scenes had. Not much plot but at least they tried.

 from MILF Seeker #12
Studio: Pink Visual


I have been a fan of Pink Visual. Typically, their movies have a nice flow, they know when to transition, they know when to zoom and they know when to pan out and have good editing. This film missed the mark. First scene was pretty good, after that, the two guys did way too much talking, it was annoying. The editing in scene two was bad, and they stuck with the zoom shot way too long. They also missed on transitions doing one thing too long. I have seen other Milfseeker movies and they were pretty good. Go with those, not this one.

 from Double Up
Studio: Vivid

Skip it

This should definately not be in the feature category. There is not even an attempt at a plot. I'm not against movies with no plot but I like to mix in real features every now and then. This wasn't it. The scenes were not that great either.

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