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All Reviews by Coolbreeze
 from World Sex Tour #1
Studio: Anabolic

“Above Average Tail but the Camera Angles Blew Bull Balls”…

CORALIE – She takes on two tools in a moving subway train. The camera angles were often lacking or transitions were way too quick. I wish more adult directors understood that it’s much nicer if you lock on a camera angle for a couple of minutes before transitioning. Otherwise, how are we supposed to “hammer Hank”? Apparently they expect us to have our thumbs locked on the fast forward and rewind buttons. Regardless, this girl is pretty attractive and looks hot during the action. SUZY CAT – This MMF scene was pretty nice but there were WAY too many underneath camera angles. High angles shots of the doggie-style action are neglected entirely. She “may” have had a nice ass but who would ever know? PENELOPE – This cute girl was hotter than a piss sandwich. Unfortunately, we are subjected to an ass-load of underneath “pouch-punching” and low angle “sack to crack” camera work. Fortunately, the scene is salvaged a bit near the end during the doggie-style action where we are provided with a frontal/side view of her torso, legs, backside and face simultaneously. This is a beautiful perspective and should be used in every adult movie ever made…or at least the features that include a girl with a hot face and tight body. This movie would have been a minimum four star affair with more diverse and better camera angle selections. As it is, it barely deserves three stars. Next!

 from Gangbang Girl #5-6
Studio: Anabolic

“Half-Ridden, Twice Shy”…

The brunette takes on the FULL TIME gangbang “pole smoking” role and the red-head receives the gangbang “pole in the hole”. There were various locations and settings but each and EVERY time this was the formula. I had a feeling that it was going there but by the end of scene one I was sure I would never see the brunette take the cock. And I was right. There were some decent visuals with some good sex involving the red-head but overall this could’ve been more if both girls were “The Whores Next Door”. I barely recall these girls but per the box cover it appears ASHLEY NICOLE is the red-head and HEATHER HEART (face less cute on film) was the brunette. I would definitely pass on this unless you absolutely love “Big Red”.

 from Voyeur #2
Studio: Evil Angel

"Eva’s Flower and Not Much Else…"

Eva is in two scenes set in an auto shop. While this movie will not be memorable, these two scenes were worth watching. Eva has a Middle Eastern look, I think, and a nice long thin body and a pretty face. Watching Sean Michaels go the corn-route on her made it worth the price of admission. The only other scene worth a hair on a burro’s ass was the one involving an Asian girl in a MMF scene. Unfortunately, mostly crappy camera angles or quick transitions sabotaged this scene. The rest of the girls were just okay or worse. Also, the lighting and camera angles weren’t great in many of the scenes. And, “enough already” with the overused underneath close-up shot of hole to pole. I’ve seen enough hairy sacs, cankles and thunderous thighs to last a lifetime. Next!

 from World Sex Tour #8
Studio: Anabolic

“If Only the Talent Matched the Concept”…

I love the idea of picking up new talent in foreign countries and shooting scenes in exotic locales. However, I sometimes wonder if they’re cost-cutting and picking up less attractive talent than they need to. I have a hard time believing in a third world country they can’t find prettier girls willing to do these movies. The cutest girl is STEPHANIE and unfortunately that sweet ass is poorly shot during the doggie-style sequence and her scene was just -- “okay”. I was hoping for more after seeing Sean Michael's bury his long dong in her (she struggled at times in taking the dong) in a MMFF scene in another movie in this series. There is some nice group sex, MMF scenes and exotic shooting locations. However, camera angles aren’t held long enough and more creative camera angles should’ve been chosen (i.e. dragon position, high-angle etc) in scenes like the one which featured JOCELYN. Too often we are exposed to dudes thighs or ham-hocks obstructing the view of these girl’s bodies. You can likely “peel the onion” to this movie but you won’t be “painting the wall by number”. Next!

 from There's Something About Jack #9
Studio: West Coast

“Zero Hips for the Grip”…

The majority of the girls in this movie were “nierney birney”. However, I was drawn to AIKO. We rarely get new Japanese talent in this country or Asians that aren’t Filipino or Thai. Unfortunately, she wasn’t nearly as cute in the movie as she was on the box cover. Also, she has fair skin on the box cover but appears to have obtained a tan for the shoot. Finally, her hips are essentially non-existent. I realize that there are plenty of Asian girls who lack curves given their petite frames. However, if you’ve ever bent over a hip-less chick you’ll know about the straight edge from their armpits to their butt. Typically this equates to a lousy or mediocre ass and definitely not a turn-on. That being said her scene is okay. Watching her smoke the gigantic horn was pretty decent. There was some okay doggie-style action and the dragon position (doggie while lying flat) was good, not great. It would have been nicer if she was more affected by this donkey weapon. But such is life in porn. One of the thin blondies in this movie had a pretty nice ass but I fast forwarded through the rest as they were mediocre at best. Next!

 from Up Your Ass #8
Studio: Anabolic

“Outdoors Shooting Plus Piss Poor Camera Angles”…

…Equals Two Squirts of Piss”. The lighting is often mediocre to terrible in this movie. Some of the scenes are shot okay but then poorly chosen camera angles sabotage the effort. Even when they do get a camera angle right, they hold it for two seconds and transition away. MARIA DE SANCHEZ – She looks pretty good in this scene but the fact that it was shot outdoors pretty much kills it. There are some moments where she’s smoking Sean Michael’s tool that are pretty good. There is good reason that most adult films are shot INDOORS. VANESSA – This girl is pretty cute (not as cute as she appears on the box cover of course) but is done horribly wrong with crappy camera angles or angles held for 2-5 seconds and then abandoned. Also, the actor has a completely flaccid cock and can’t seem to “fire it up” for the life of him. One of the two second camera angles occurs during a doggie-style sequence and the reverse cowgirl (riding facing away position). As a result, we get zero looks at that beautifully shaped ass advertised on the box cover. Finally, there is a scene where Sean is interviewed by two hot Latines. Of course there will be no MFF action, not in this wet turd. I take it back, this movie, is worth only “one squirt of piss”. Next!

 from Asian Street Hookers #6
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

“Has its moments”…

Poor choice in shooting location and too many underneath or low-angle shots sabotage this movie. CHARMANE STAR – lame arm tat but forgivable; face is pretty decent until close-up shots; fair skin; ass pretty decent on doggie-style action; puss is loose but not the caboose (nice corning sequence). JOY – bowl cut hair-do is “no bueno” on her; face not pretty at all; looks Gothic but tries to play innocent girl left at home – nice try!; ass decent on doggie-style; gets face painted and looks disgusted…another contradiction in regards to “goth girls”. MILENA – says she is Japanese; thin body; face okay at best but is “interesting” for some reason; Nacho’s tool is as wide as her arms; she looks uncomfortable at times during the aggressive horn-job domination by Nacho; she does well at avoiding getting gagged by Nacho’s moose meat (disappointing); the visual of skinny smoking donkey dick is great; great shape on that ass when bent over but doggie-style cam angles all low-angle and wasted that ass away; Nacho accidentally buffs head in her corn and her knees buckle; she got hammered pretty good and was “cooperative” but never enthusiastic. TERA PATRICK – horrible washed out lighting due to filming outdoors at the pool; Tera was hot for me 12 years ago but my tastes have changed so she doesn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty, just not my type.

 from Cumback Pussy #35
Studio: Elegant Angel

“Barely Could do the Applesauce Toss”…

BAILEY was kind of pretty but not my type. JENNIFER LAO – gave good horn on big black pole; small to medium frame at most; condom on sex but at least clear color; dead fuck throughout; ass decent but not memorable; nice high-angle doggie shots; face kind of cute; Filpo?; actor dribbles on face. ILLONA – fair skin; tall girl; reminds me of less attractive Parker Posey in some way; blows Lexington Steele while white boy lays pipe; big loose puss; ass is meaty; cornhole action with Lex is pretty decent; DP with Lex corning is visually good for a few seconds; too many underneath cam angles throughout this movie. In the end, the tail wasn’t hot enough and the lack of enthusiasm and camera angles didn’t work for me.

 from Please! #1
Studio: Evil Angel

“I Wouldn’t Shave Ass Hair with this Disc”…

CHANTAY – I rented this movie largely for her; ass is fat when she’s standing but decent when bent over or riding pole while actor stands; her face is cute enough but not remarkable. JAZMINE – not very attractive. The rest are not very good looking or my type and ALL DEFINITE PROS. Nothing amateur here. I couldn’t give two squirts for this movie.

 from Lewd Conduct #10
Studio: Diabolic

“Spread those Cheeks and Go Greek”…

There is a fair amount of corning here but most of the girls getting corned are fair looking at best. Brandy (a.k.a. Eva in “Euro” movies) is the hottest girl in this movie with Princess the only other one “worth a hair on a burro’s ass”. Brandy’s MMF scene is fairly hot and excluding the addition of a shoulder tattoo, looks as hot as ever. The horn blowing and doggie-style are the best segments. There is a great medium high-angle shot of her smoking pole and taking it from behind. The underneath angles were a little overdone but not as much as a lot of movies. The scene set-up is lame but who gives a carp…this girl is “hotter than a piss sandwich”. If only this movie had more than two attractive girls it could’ve been a lot better. Next!

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