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All Reviews by Coolbreeze
 from Double Gulp
Studio: American Hardcore

“More Humidity than Indonesia”…

If you like down and dirty porn including sloppy, filthy wet horn-jobs then rent away. The throat gagging, deep-throating, cock spitting and “waterfall saliva drooling” seemed like it went on for days. JAMIE – This girl is good looking with a spectacular ass and is “tat free”. Her looks are definitely above average for the porn world. The MMF sex is very nasty girl style with continual blasé porn talk by the fellas (fortunately Jamie mostly closes her pie-hole except when blowing horn). The cowgirl and doggie-style sequence camera work is good at highlighting this hottie’s ASSets. One actor gets caught up in the moment and begins shagging Jamie’s high heel shoe (while it is still on her) while she rides the other actor’s tool. Hur??? Both actors pop in the mouth to close the scene. This was the only scene I rented this movie for. Check Jamie out in the “Screw My Wife Please” series (can’t recall the number) where she gets a nice pounding from Chris Charming. Hopefully this girl will do more group sex and go interracial eventually. “Good times” will be had by all.

 from Young Asian Cuties #1
Studio: Kick Ass

"One and a Half out of Five…"

That is how many scenes are worthwhile in this movie. LOTUS – The scene opens with a fake dry cleaner business scenario. Well, at least they tried. Her nice little body looks good while she blows horn. Some good camera angles are utilized. GIANNA – She has a thick frame, a mediocre face (at best), nipple piercings, tats galore, a belly ring and a tongue ring. Ironically, I don’t think her ears are pierced. In a nutshell, this girl has more metal in her body than an auto salvage yard. I’m out. MYA – Thick, too much ink with an okay face. Next! TAYA – Her face is decent and she has a well-shaped, thin body. The scene opens in a supposed Asian massage parlor. At the end of the massage the actor asks for a “happy ending”. Taya rings a bell and a large man enters. This was actually pretty humorous as the actor explains that he wants the girl back. Eventually Taya reappears and it is – game on. She looks good blowing the very large mushroom head of the actor. The director wastes too much time on the underneath doggie cam angles. Her tiny ass looks nice riding the big tool. She is a good sport taking the deep penetration in the missionary position with Mushroom Man. The actor sounds like a dying Norwegian Elkhound when he blows his load on her face. KINA – She has an adorable face and a nicely shaped petite body. Unfortunately, this is the first time I’ve seen her take an average sized tool…and I’m not a fan. Normally she takes the donkey tools and likes it. Her ass/body looks good in the cowgirl and doggie shots. The director should’ve held the medium shots of that body getting done doggie for a minute or more. The high-angle doggie view is nice but the lighting doesn’t shine for her like it has in other movies. If you don’t care much about faces this movie might work out okay for you.

 from Pure Filth
Studio: Badass Pictures

“Pure Fraud”…

“Good Luck” finding the Asian honey shown on the box cover in this movie. She isn’t displayed in the scene icons on the menu and I fast forwarded through the entire movie and saw zero actresses that resembled her. I only rented this movie because she was an unfamiliar Asian actress to my eye. This reminds me of the 80s’ and 90s’ when it was fairly common for a production company to include a photo of an actress on the box cover that wasn’t to be found in the movie. Or, they would have the box cover honey act as a narrator only. Weak! Another 80s’ and 90s’ feature of this movie is the lighting and settings. I can’t exactly explain it but the feel is very “dated” even though the box cover appears to be more current porn. The only scene decent enough for me to take my finger off the fast forward button was the MMMF scene with a natural looking girl with a pretty decent ass. The sex is fairly hot even though only one actor possesses enough “timber” to show her a good time. In a nutshell, this movie is weaker than a Bigelow tea sack. Next!

 from Asian New Cummers #3
Studio: Heatwave

“You May be Able to Take Care of Business”…

This should get the job done for many but the girls and the product are largely forgettable at the end of the day. NORA LIN – a tad thick of a frame but well proportioned; fairly nice ass looks good bent over; flattering doggie-style shots; her noise making is surprisingly good. TYLENE TAN – skinny body; nice high-angle doggie-style shots and the actor unloads a gallon on her ass; decent scene. The rest of the ladies were not my type or were trolls. Next!

 from Asian Street Hookers #44
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

“Girls with Serious Sailor Mouth”…

However, the movie prevails even though some girls curse every other word. KINA – This is one hot petite Filipino girl with an angelic face. There is really sound camera work for the most part. She looks gorgeous blowing the large tool (nice extreme close-up) of the much older actor. The medium shot of her blowing horn while bent over on the couch was mesmerizing. She gets a serious dry shagging in the doggie position but the actor never seems to get more than two-thirds of his tool buried inside. If this scene contained a high angle doggie shot it would’ve earned a 9.5 rating from me. ANASTACIA – She is a decent looking slightly thick Filipino girl. Her foxhole is “loose as a goose” which turns me off so I move on. LANA LAINE – This Filipino girl is pretty average looking with a thin body and really nice skin. Again, the director utilizes some nice high angle oral camera work. Another bonus is that she keeps her skirt and fishnets on while she gets done doggie. But the best segment has her in the missionary position leaning towards the actor. Her body looks terrific holding this position while getting worked over. Unfortunately, an annoying phone keeps ringing in the background. I think it is time to hire a new stage manager. Most of the girls get pop shots to end the scenes. NYOMI ZEN – This girl is cute with a really nice body. Unfortunately, she acts and talks like a $2.00 road whore. What a turn off. If I wanted this kind of girl I’d head to a white trash bar at 2am. What happened to “the girl next door”? I’m so tired of “the trailer park girl next door”. Her wet blow job was kind of nast. THAI MICHELLE – Her face is pretty nice but the body is too thick. The medium shots do flatter her butt when bent over but that is the best thing I can say about this scene. When she rides the actor’s wand her butt spreads out and loses its luster. My rating is based on my enjoyment of the KINA and LANA scenes.

 from Well Hung Amateurs #1
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

"I could've shot somebody's eye out"...

I thought I was 18 again based on the "launch" this movie created for me. This movie is worth it for Cindy alone. This girl is young and clearly inexperienced which sells home the amateur factor. Watching her smoke pole and take Buck's meaty tool makes for a visual paradise for the viewers. CINDY (solo) -- The lighting is really good and the wardrobe perfectly emphasizes the "youth factor". I especially liked watching her get worked over while wearing her tennis shoes. She giggles and is playful (not staged) and is clearly "affected" by the sex. Her ass is gorgeous in the doggie-style position. Buck closes the scene by spraying on her face. CINDY & LEXI -- Lexi is another cutie with blondish hair. Like Cindy she is tat and piercing free -- thank you porn gods! Cindy licks Lexi's clit while Buck pounds away on Lexi. Cindy licks the sea sauce off Lexi's face at the end of the scene. Buck's dialogue in his movies is "mildly" annoying but completely forgivable as he does things to these girls that we would do if we were in his shoes. Surprisingly, you rarely see this in gonzo porn. I love this series and only watched these scenes due to the other girls not being my types. I can't recommend this series strongly enough.

 from Oriental Orgy World #4
Studio: Evasive Angles

“Plenty of Hog, not enough Dog”…

This movie has plenty of thick Asian asses (if that is your “cup of tea”) but there wasn’t enough emphasis on doggie-style on those thick booties. Here is a brief summary of some of the girls: AVA DEVINE – this girl has a hideous complexion, a $5.00 hooter job and a thick body. But if you’re into nasty, this is your girl. NATALIA – who lost a bet that allowed this girl in the adult cinema? She has a man’s haircut and a blasé shapeless body to boot. She sounds like a dying cow when getting pounded. JADE – this girl would be attractive if you could do a withdrawal on the ink and piercings. KEMORA – this girl looks young, and is tall and pretty. Unfortunately, we don’t see her get done doggie. But Mr. Marcus does give her a nice “corning-ware” session. LUCY – she has a pretty cute face and a really nice body. The show begins with the interviews and transitions to horn-jobs. At one point the boys do the rounds through the girls to get their horns polished. Other highlights include: Lucy getting done doggie by Mr. Marcus; Kemora getting corned by Mr. Marcus; a girl “gushing”; Mr. Marcus corning a thin girl in the doggie position; facial finishes. Overall, this is just mediocre adult interracial orgy action. The lighting is good but the camera angles could have been better. And the girls just weren’t hot enough. Other movies in this series are better as they mix in some petite Asians.

 from Oriental Kitten
Studio: VCX

"False Advertising At Its Not-So-Finest"...

I'm giving this movie two stars due to the following reasons: the sexual positions were more creative than today's adult movies; there were some decent bodies on the actresses; the music was strong. I've never seen a Suzy Chung movie but I can tell you that the girl on the box cover looks WAY hotter than the Asian girl in the movie. I don't even see a resemblance. Also, the still photo of the posterior is not on the Asian girl in this movie and doesn't seem to be "present and accounted for" in this movie. In a MFF scene a black guy has the Asian girl and a white girl bent over and stacked. He does one doggie-style and performs oral sex on the other. This was pretty decent. Also, a MMF scene with a white girl has some better than average sexual positions. The Bossa Nova jazz ("The Girl from Ipannema") music in the background was almost surreal. I never would've seen that coming. The movie has two mediocre John Holmes scenes. Also, the scene with John Holmes and the Asian girl on the box cover DOES NOT appear in this movie. This is false advertising at its not-so-finest in motion. I wouldn't bother with this...there are much better works in the 70s'.

 from High School Bunnies
Studio: VCX

“Only if you’re a true fan of Old Skool Porn”…

The lighting and the visual quality of the film (especially considering its age) are good throughout. The storyline is juvenile and simplistic but at least one exists. Beth Anna isn’t as cute as she appears on box covers. Her three on one, MMMF gangbang was rather weak. There were no position changes and little heat to speak of. Most actresses are fairly attractive with one cute brunette stand-out. She gets done doggie in a orgy scene. Her ass looks really nice and it photographed well (shy of a high-angle shot). All in all, this movie simply didn’t “fire me up”. It was like “going through the motions” of a workout versus actually pushing yourself through each exercise.

 from Sugar Britches
Studio: VCX

“Whackability Low but Honies are Present”…

It’s been my experience that the majority of films shot in the 70s’ have a low whack factor. Unfortunately, they are often sabotaged/plagued by dark lighting, poor audio, poor image quality and short sex scenes. It’s too bad because often they will have nice erotic storylines and better acting. My favorite scenes in this movie featured a brunette maid in a MFFF bondage scene and an athletic brunette hottie in lace-ups and a red top and sexy shorts in a MMF scene. The two actors tagged her inside a screened in porch of a cabin in the woods. Another con of this movie was there seemed to be no real storyline. Although, I’ll confess that after the first scene I utilized the FF button excessively to find “the hot tail on a hot tin roof”. Both sex scenes mentioned had some brief hot moments but nothing was “golden” due to the reasons I mentioned above.

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