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All Reviews by Coolbreeze
 from Invasian! #1 (Disc 1)
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

“It’s Mediocre at Best”…

CHARMANE STARR – nice high-angle porn slobbing and subjective camera angles; she’s attractive enough but doesn’t really work for me; the doggie-style is decent but there was too much of the “leg up in the air” garb or underneath camera angles with t-sac sightings and fake acting. ROSE – wears a cat mask in the beginning while smoking two missile dicks; meaty frame on the girl but has a shapely ass; gross tramp stamp. CRIS TALIANA and NAUTICA THORN – MFF scene; nice tag-team horn-blowing of t-sac and tool; pretty faces; oral only action here; 69 action pretty nice. I have a feeling Cris does mostly lezbo action but I’ll sniff around just in case I’m wrong. SABLE SIMMS – nice high-angle horn-blowing; nice long and thin medium body; face is not smoking but plenty doable; she has a nice ass on display during the doggie-style action; they shifted to more underneath pile driver shots during the doggie-style which was weak; the lighting is off, not terrible but off a bit. LUCY LEE – MMF scene; normally this girl is of no interest to me but the doggie-style corning while smoking tool was pretty good. All in all this needed hotter tail and better camera work. Next!

 from Asian Girls & Black Cocks #3
Studio: West Coast

"If You Can Over-Look Skin Blemishes Press On..."

The skin quality on many of the girls was subpar. Pimples, warts and rashes take away from many of the girls looks. Janet is the prettiest and looks good sporting pig tails. She looked good giving oral but barely kept the actor's tool in her mouth for more than a few seconds. She sports red fishnet leggings throughout her scene which looks pretty hot. The camera angle wasn't great for the doggie-style action though. At the end of the scene the actor decorates her face pretty well. Then another actor comes in and has some missionary position fun with her before finishing her off with a cream pie. The director gives it a college try in setting up scenes but the acting isn't believable enough. The scene with Daisy is okay but I don't find her appealing. An actor goes corn-route on Prima (pretty cute) and another actor comes in for tag-team fun. You could tell she was into the sex or at least affected by it. Tina & Lisa (one is dressed like Snow White) begin their scene doing coloring books like little girls. One actor tag teams them. I couldn't really get into it though because both were mediocre looking at best. Lexy has a hot, tight little butt and looks great during long doggie-style sequences. Her face won't win beauty pageants but overall her scene finished me off. Nothing remarkable in this film but if the black/Asian genre is your thing there are much worse films than this.

 from Chasing The Big Ones #15
Studio: West Coast

“One Star for the Camera Work and Timber”…

ALAURA – she looked noticeably hotter on the box covers (typical, I know); the body is okay but not great even when bent over. ALEX DANE – she has returned to the porn biz after a few years off; she has added blonde hair, fake moose tits and a few ripples on the belly; she is “all business” in this scene but does appear to wince while taking the NAPIER pole; the pillowy Dane butt cheeks still look decent during doggie-style but they have devalued for sure; zero heat but nice for nostalgia as Alex was cute and natural in her day. SYN NYE – the face is “no bueno” but the body is decent; too much of a pro with big pole though so its boring. Next!

 from There's Something About Jack #26
Studio: West Coast

“There’s Entirely Too Much Ink on that Stink”…

Some of the girls are fairly pretty but I’ve seen less ink at a Staple’s store. Soma has ink writing on her body in random spots which distracts from the pretty canvas that is her fair skin, long legs and beautifully shaped ass. The camera angles are mostly good and there are some subjective view horn-blowing shots. Jack does have a third leg and it is fun watching him buff it in the girl’s foxholes. Scary as it may be Aimee and Soma (less trouble than Aimee) took it a little too easily. However, he never really seemed to be fully hard so that may have had something to do with it. The FFM scene looked decent but I skipped it. The MMF action with Aimee is pretty good but not remarkable. The cowgirl action with Soma and her brief doggie-style action closed the deal for me. For these two scenes only I’ll give this a borderline three stars. Next!

 from Cute Exotic Girls #6
Studio: West Coast

“Some Good, Some Okay Equals a Rainy Day”…

JADE – face appealing but not good looking???; crazy eye make-up makes her look evil like a monster while blowing horn; saggy tits; ass looks really nice during doggie (gets hammered by long pole) and cowgirl positions; neutral skin tone; nice high-angle shot while riding pole. KIKO – pretty face; Filipino but doesn’t exactly look it; ass complexion and shape don’t work for me; face better than body. SABRINE MAUI – super cute face; petite hot body; too tan; average tool; gets taken the cornroute; ass looks excellent during doggie; condom usage; nice high-angle doggie shot. MARIA – tan; very nice body and face (medium); blows and shags on a bridge on a resort property; cornroute; nice facial; takes a big white pole. MISTY – black girl with good booty; condom usage; sex okay. This would’ve earned higher stars if both the girls body and faces worked for me. Unfortunately, I mostly got one or the other. Next!

 from Cute Exotic Girls
Studio: West Coast

“Not Enough Cheek therefore the Effort is Meek”…

There are some nice butts in this movie but the director either neglects the doggie-style position or transitions after ten seconds to another position. CAMI – she has a pretty face, a well-shaped thin body and nice skin. There were too many close-ups shots versus medium shots which would’ve allowed us to admire her petite frame in action. She makes some nice noise and is really into the sex. I was sorely disappointed that doggie was neglected on this girl. ANNA – this girl has a decent body but her face is lacking. Again, the camera angles hurt this scene. Next! LU-LIM – she is a very cute girl with a really nice ass that gets done doggie for a short duration. This is a pretty girl that isn’t utilized very well in the entire scene. LIL MISSY – her skin is mediocre at best but she has a pretty face and a nice round ass. Unfortunately, this girl has WAY too much ass for the tool size she is paired with. Her ass literally eats it up and it disappears. Had she been paired with some serious “timber” this scene would’ve popped. CARLA – I can’t figure out whether this girl is Latina, Brazilian or Middle Eastern. The actor paired with her looks Brazilian but might be Middle Eastern. Either way, this scene has some nice heat and the girl has a nice butt that gets a nice high-angle doggie shot for about twenty seconds. OH YEA! The highlight is the anal action but overall this girl isn’t really pretty enough to “fire me up”. Finally, the visual quality is mediocre in most scenes and some cheap ass motel rooms are utilized. I’d look for something better.

 from Island Girls and Black Cocks
Studio: West Coast

“Girls are Okay but Not Enough Spray”…

There are two pretty decent looking girls in this movie (at maximum) but there are more dribbling cum shots than “facial spray-downs”. There is a decent MMF scene with Napier and Mr. Marcus but this girl handles the timber with ease. I’m not sure how any Asian could easily handle 12” of mule dick but it is “no big thing” to her. Regardless, it is the hottest scene of the bunch (not saying much) and some hot camera angles were utilized. A young Jade Marcela gets royally corned by Napier but even in her youth she was “all pro baby” and there is zero amateur feel. There are hairy foxholes which some won’t be a fan of but it doesn’t bother me. All in all, for the amateur vibe they were going for it just didn’t “smell like it”. The girls handled big tool too easily or appeared to be mildly interested before collecting their payday. If you love the Asian on Black thing maybe give it a shot but there is better stuff out there in that genre. Next!

 from Fresh Butts & Natural Tits #3
Studio: West Coast

“One Huge Pile of Bat Guano”…

The tiny picture of CAROLINE on the cover lured me in. It took me less than 2.2 seconds to “wipe tail” on her unappealing physical reality on screen. ALEXIA had a decent body but the sex was just okay. And that was “all she wrote” as the rest are trolls. NEXT!

 from Fuck Dolls #2
Studio: Red Light District

“Formulaic and Mildly Satisfactory”…

Each scene pretty much goes through the same motions and positions. The surplus of titty shagging was nice and a refreshing blast from the past. The sexual heat was pretty decent at times but I rarely felt the females were into it. There were too many underneath camera angles of t-sacs that were held too long. ASPEN STEVENS – she is okay looking; her pillowy soft pliable ass looks nice during cowgirl and doggie-style action; MMF scene; one actor is loving her ass and pounds away. CRIS TALIANA – pretty face; MMF scene with two big black poles; she smokes horn like a champ; her foxhole looks worn out before the action begins; she has a meaty ass but it is well shaped and looks good with the high-angle doggie-style action; the “boner footage” subjective view scene with her could’ve been hotter had the actor removed her lingerie. LILY THAI – she always looks hot on box covers but her look doesn’t work for me on film. NAUTICA THORN – the bright yellow couch badly washed out her skin tone and was a VERY poor set choice; her ass has gotten too large with age and still has acne on it; a major over-actor with noise; the titty shagging was nice as was the facial spray-down. MYA LOVELY – “not so lovely”; NEXT!

 from Screw My Wife Please #29
Studio: Wildlife

“One Honey is All She Wrote”…

The Asian girl (apparently Vietnamese) is pretty nice looking with a really nice body. It is a MF scene with a biker dude. The old timer regular from this series gets a brief horn job as well. A condom is used which took away from the visual splendor but the doggie-action almost makes up for it. Unfortunately, it is short-lived action as the actor blasts his silly string all over her face. It is a pretty nice cake decorating indeed. The scene would have been hotter had it featured a hung dude. This girl clearly could have “handled the truth”. The rest of the girls are simply “okay” at best so I fast forward through those scenes.

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