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All Reviews by Coolbreeze
 from Nasty Nymphos #3
Studio: Anabolic

“Predominantly Weak Sauce”…

Most of the females in this movie didn’t work for me but I thought the SEAN MICHAELS/VIVIAN/SATOMI SUZUKI scene might have potential. Unfortunately it was largely (no pun intended) just that – potential. VIVIAN has an adorably cute face chock full of braces and a soft but appealing figure. There was a decent horn-blow MFF sequence but I would quickly realize that dark lighting would likely sabotage the effort. It wasn’t horribly dark but clearly so dark that it sabotaged the visuals most of the time. Vivian’s pillowy butt cheeks looked good riding Sean’s lengthy pole. He dry-boned her so it took her a “minute” to slide down. He corns the girls and does a “washer/dryer stackable doggie-style” back-and-forth with them. Vivian (Thai) has some skin blemishes on her body but most are forgivable. Her skin tone is more medium whereas Satomi is a lighter skinned Japanese girl. The girls seemed to have fun with “long dong” and were almost always affected by the sex. You could tell Vivian had a rough time initially taking big boy in her cornhole. There is a nice high-angle shot of this action. The girls share a facial blast. The rest of the girls were non-factors in my book. NEXT!

 from Little White Slave Girls #3
Studio: Evasive Angles

“Too Much Underneath Cam Angles”…

I’m unsure as to exactly when directors determined that looking at hairy cracks and hairy t-sacs was more appealing than high-angle or medium shots highlighting more appealing penetration, cool perspectives, hot bodies and pretty faces. The underneath shot is notorious for displaying flaws like feta cheese thighs, pot bellies, stretch marks, pimples and other unmentionables. Regardless, there are some hot moments within this movie. RAMONA – Her face is mediocre but the body is kickin’ in this MMMF scene. The medium shot of that sweet ass getting done doggie while blowing horn was pretty damn hot. The horn blowing portion opening sequence was nice as well. The scene set-up was pretty lame and acting was “zesty”. LUCY (at least I think this is the “Euro” movie actress Lucy) – Her face is really pretty and the body is nearly as good. She is a tall drink of water with a sweetly shaped ass. The scene set-up is a little better especially if you love the idea of a dude watching his girl get pounded by two hung dudes. The horn blowing was hot but once again WAY too many underneath angles sabotaged this scene. The only time we get a full view of her ass bent over she doesn’t even have a tool inside of her. Weak! Even when there is a doggie-style corning with horn-blow, the actor nailing her has his leg up obstructing our view. And no high-angle shot which is the most neglected shot in porn and also the hottest, the “dragon position” – doggie-style while lying flat being the second hottest. This scene could have been so much hotter if it was filmed better. Fortunately they attempted to salvage it with a hot facial spray-down. I vetoed the blonde whitie scenes, as usual.

 from Asian Street Hookers #26
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

"The Amateur Vibe is Absent…"

Normally TT Boy’s movies have that “just picked a prosti-spumante off the street corner” feel to them. This movie has a “just picked a pornstar off the movie set” feel to it. And as a result the sexual heat is lacking. The highlights are: huge tool on petite girl; “dry boning”; high-angle camera angles during horn-jobs. The low-lights are: too many girls employing “fake noises” during sex; mediocre skin quality on the actresses; faking being “affected” by the sex; absence of high-angle camera angles during doggie-style sex. This movie is completely forgettable but at least the girls are fairly cute overall and no hideous bodies are involved.

 from Asian Street Hookers #24
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

“If You’re a Misogynist or a Psychologist Inquire Within"

The film is shot in the Philippines and has some fairly attractive girls throughout. Unfortunately, a MFFF scene is tarnished by face slapping, choking and acting like an “impatient puke” when the girls don’t read the actor’s (TT Boy) mind and switch to the next position prior to his instruction. I’m all in for aggressive sex, domineering sex or nasty sex…but this guy is too over the top. It might help if the actor spoke some Tagalog or at least gave the girls 2.2 seconds to switch positions. This type of behavior tells you all you need to know about what kind of household this actor grew up in. Treating women like they’re “stackable washer/dryer units” is great when you’re the only male in the room but for viewers it hinders our ability to view pretty bodies in action. Regardless, the movie’s other scenes have decent moments. There is a well hung actor (looks Brazilian) that has nice scenes where girls admire or are intimidated by his manhood. It is impressive watching these petite girls take the “donkey tool”. At the end of the day I think the girls had some decent physical qualities but not a one came close to possessing the “whole package”. I’d recommend moving on to other Asian fare if that is your cup of tea.

 from Hot Latin Pussy Adventures #19
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

“Lack of Enthusiasm and Actual Talent”…

If you like really dark-skinned Latines with meaty asses you might find something here. Otherwise, move it on out. I’d heard that Venezuelan chickadees were hot but I barely got a “sniff” of it here. You might get a decent face on one but a mediocre face or vice versa. Also, there are way too many low-angles versus high-angles, panning shots, medium or subjective view shots. Low-angle shots typically add nothing and aren’t very flattering. This is especially true if you’re an “ass man” and in regards to Latine lovers I believe we ALL are. There is some decent MFF action in a couple of different scenes. I preferred the horn-blowing segments to the sex due to reasons already mentioned and the fact that some girls had nasty looking foxholes. Furthermore, the majority of the girls in this movie have subpar looking skin. In regards to the lack of enthusiasm, one of the hotter girls gets a load dropped on her ass and immediately runs like a track sprinter to the shower. The best scene is a MMFF scene with Nacho Vidal and TT Boy. Unfortunately, the girls were more “cooperative” versus being actually “enthusiastic”. There was lots of swapping which made it pretty decent.

 from POV Pervert #2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

“Double Nierney Birney”…

The only two girls worth a hair on burro's ass were JENNIFER LUV (whose best years are behind her) and SABLE SIMMS. Jennifer’s doggie-style action was decent but the rest was forgettable. I’m undecided on Sable’s face as it isn’t super hot yet it definitely isn’t ugly. Her skin is on the lighter side. Sable is clearly new to the porn scene and that in itself is refreshing. The actor had to tell her several times to grab and stroke pole while she was smoking it. Only neophytes need that kind of direction in adult cinema or real-life. The leaning back cowgirl was hot with those skinny long thighs pushing back on tool. This scene would have been hotter had little Sable taken on bigger timber. Also, there was no high-angle shot on the doggie-style whereas it was in other scenes. Sable has a pretty nice ass but the subjective close-up view wasn’t the greatest. This movie would have been pretty good had there been more “hot tail on a hot tin roof”.

 from Asian Street Hookers #25
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Where Has My "Doggie" Wandered Off To?

Most of these girls are petite but mediocre looking at best. Many of the girls have cute little butts. However, the only scene that I'll remember in the morning is the one with Muriel and Reina. Reina is a very cute mixed Japanese girl. Unfortunately, she isn't featured in the sex. A brief session of reverse cowgirl is all you get and a touch of oral on the actor. Muriel has a great ASSet and has a nice doggie session. However, Reina has a great butt as well and the viewers never see it in action. I got the impression from her attitude that she had set some restrictions prior to filming. You could tell the actor was into her so that helps confirm my feeling on that. A long doggie-style session with her would've made this DVD a four-star-affair.

 from Harry Horndog Anal Orgy # 2
Studio: Zane

"I Recall this Orgy Scene Very Well"...

It was about fourteen years ago and a girl I was friends with wanted to see a porn for the first time. There was a segment of this orgy in the orgy compilation movie we were watching. As luck would have it my friend stated one of the actresses was her former roommate. NICE! Take notice of the girl in blue on the box cover. The thing I recall most about this movie was the great legs, ass and titties on the petite Asian (wearing sheer black lingerie) from the box cover. She gets done doggie-style in a MMF and a MF and the visuals are above average. In general the video quality is quite good here. The thicker Asian from the cover looks Japanese and has fair skin and a pretty decent ass. One con would be all the underneath camera angles and bad camera angles where body parts or plants were in the way. How tough is it to space people out a bit on the couches? A pro would be that I believe every actor nails every girl and likely multiple times. This is a nice long scene with lots of cornhole action and foxhole action. There are some lezbo activities as well. Pole size on actors varies from small to average to above average. The biggest con of this movie is that the cameraman needs to hold a shot for more than 10-15 seconds. Worth a rental for sure as the sex is nice.

 from Bootylicious: Asian Invasion
Studio: JM Productions

"Poor Camera Angles Killed the Radio Star"..

There is a serious lack of medium shots, high angle shots and sexual positions which flattered the girls ASSets. ROCQUEL LACE – brief high-angle horn-blow shot; thick Asian in red lingerie; MMF scene; dressed in Geisha make-up; barely above average tool size; sex pretty good; double-stuff; weak facial spray at end. SAKI – face not pretty; body decent; long frizzy Shaka Khan type hair; fair skin; horn-blow w/finger banging kind of hot; seems as if she is cumming in cowgirl position; too much underneath doggie-style cam work; took a good pounding; tits saggy and gross; big ass; big pole; cornhole action pretty hot but too much underneath again. KIKI – hottest girl in the movie; purple dress in jail cell; 69 position; nice boobs; gross hip tat; big pole; pretty face and hot body; tight puss; some doggie but cam angles not great; missionary cornhole action; nice facial but lighting “no bueno” here. BROOKE ASHLEY – green top; body decent; more bad cam angles; big faker; takes corn on her side. NEXT!

 from Perverted Stories #3
Studio: JM Productions

“Too Close for Comfort”…

PYGMY NATION – this scene stars Alex Dane who looks as good as ever. Her body, hair and skin look natural. Thankfully it looks like she sidelined the Taco Smell diet leading up to this shoot. The lighting is good throughout this scene but the camera direction is mediocre at best. There are WAY too many close-ups (especially the underneath variety). The oral 3-way is a little lengthy and shortens the penetration duration. The actors talk “pygmy” talk (mumbling gibberish) throughout and believe me they remain “in character” (other than a laugh here and there). Pygmies are people under five feet tall, which one of the three actors is. Regardless, the execution of the theme is well done for a XXX movie. Finally we do get some medium shots and the doggie-action is pretty decent. Again, the camera work wasn’t good enough. Often the actor receiving the horn-job is neglected while the only focus is on the actor doing her doggie. A medium shot or transition between both actors being serviced would’ve been much better. The standing doggie-style is good and Alex gets a royal pounding for a bit. This actor gives her a brief corning before blowing a monster load on her back and butt cheeks. The true pygmy blows a huge one on her face and lamb chops. The last actor dribbles a little in her mouth. ROSWELL INCIDENT – this is a MMF scene involving an “eyewitness” to what really happened at Roswell. They cut between this eyewitness and the sex…which involves two scientists shagging an alien. I watched it for a few moments and fast forwarded before giving up on the scene. The alien face was just too nasty looking even though her body was fine. No interest. The other girls didn’t look appealing so I vetoed those scenes. I applaud the movie for its creativity but the execution could have been better on the sex.

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