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All Reviews by Coolbreeze
 from Asian Fever #10
Studio: Hustler

“Needed Some MMF Action and Longer Cam Angles”…

I’ve seen many in this series and it is formulaic and at its best when two hung dudes tag one hottie’s pink petite ass until she can’t walk stairs straight. The MF scenes here require that the girl is a 9.0 and most aren’t. “BUSY” – cute little mouse-like ears which is common with the Thai; face fairly cute; med-dark skin tone; ass shape okay; petite body; hole not tight; some high-angle doggie is hot but brief; spray-down on neck. “EXCUSE ME” – big real tits; bad teeth; cute face; slightly above average tool size; fair skin; nice medium shot doggie; weak ass underneath doggie is unflattering; tits bounce big time on doggie which looks good; butt okay but tad flat; face spray-down with good splatter factor. “KILLING TIME” – face not good; dark skin; medium frame; big over-actor; clearly a total pro scene shot in the U.S. and spliced in due to lack of budget; crappy scene. “SIGHTSEEING” – fair skin; face ok; body bruises; wide pole treats her right; actor leg in way during doggie; hornjob while bent over and simultaneous finger-banging is nice; nice high-angle doggie but brief and back-and-forth cam shots. MFF SCENE – one cute face with nice body and one “not so cute” face with hot body; hot face smokes big pole while actor eats mediocre’s puss; meaty pole on actor; hot-face does reverse cowgirl; mediocre into the sex and gets doggie; scene way too brief as actors sprays early…but can hardly blame him.

 from Asian Fever #9
Studio: Hustler

“Way Too Much Impulsive Lane Changing”…

“Roadside Assistance” featured a fairly attractive fair-skinned girl with a thin body. Unfortunately, sexual positions in this film transition way too quickly (some barely a minute). The MMF scene is the highlight of the movie but a hot doggie/oral sequence barely clocks in at one minute which was borderline criminal. And yes, this was the most fiery part of the scene. A MF scene on the beach has a hot visual with a petite girl blowing a well-endowed actor with a fat mushroom head. The beach was more stunning than the girl but her performance makes this scene worthwhile. She is a real trooper when Mr. Wide-load “corns” her over a log on the beach. The facial blast is a hot close to a pretty good scene. “Lost in Bangkok” has a girl giving lousy head to a “lost” foreigner in an ugly motel room. Most other movies in this series do have nice settings. Her “butt complexion” isn’t good so the medium shots work better than the close-ups. She dodges a major facial blast which also sabotages the scene a bit. Seriously, if I want to see a “head jerk” I can see it at home with my wife. Another forgettable scene has a dark-skinned girl in a MF scene. The girl isn’t very cute and her skin looks about four different shades (i.e. too much sun or skin condition). The camera angles are mediocre and the saggy boobs make me turn this scene off.

 from Up Your Ass #20
Studio: Anabolic

“Too Much Ink on that Stink”…

If you like tats, meaty bodies and the “White T” look you might be a fan. Otherwise, wipe tail on this vid. I rented it solely for Aleksandra (a.k.a. Alexa May). ALEXA MAY – She’s looked better than this with her ass now having a little extra feta cheese on it. Regardless, once bent over it still looks good. The sex is okay but nothing special. The corning was decent but with little movement by the camera during sexual positions it was a bit of a yawn fest. Her foxhole looks a little worn out and less appealing than its looked in other films. Once again underneath and low-angle camera angles reign supreme. This film needed more medium shots, high-angle, and panning shots to try and make it more interesting. Given the lack of hot talent this would have at least helped to keep my interest for a minute. Next!

 from 7 The Hardway #1
Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed

“Half-Hearted Nasty Girls”…

Vanessa is half invested at best, Lucie is three quarters invested and Ashley is almost fully invested. LUCIE – decent face; her tits look great when she’s on her back; her thin body looks good in the missionary position; her foxhole looks snug as a bug in a rug; lots of big tools take her on; her ass isn’t good and has ugly dimples; face pimples; major “cake decorating” facial finish. VANESSA VIRGIN – hideous amounts of red ass pimples (shooting should’ve been postponed); the outdoor horn-jobbing scene in the shade was well shot with strong lighting for outdoors; Vanessa is overwhelmed smoking huge poles while likely kneeling on rough cobblestone; her puss and corn get pulverized; she was not too thrilled when they tried to get her to swallow 7 large loads. ASHLEY BLUE – this was a full-force, ruthlessly aggressive gangbang scene; it gets gross and messy if you like that kind of thing; the sex is more enthusiastic here and this girl is filthy dirty with sex; she holds 7 loads in her mouth, gargles and then swallows which was pretty nasty. Vanessa has looked nicer and the ass acne killed this scene and this movie for me.

 from Beautiful Girls #9
Studio: Evil Angel

“A Mixed T-Sac of Tricks”…

This is a mixed bag for sure and likely a 2.5 star affair. There are two reverse gangbang scenes surrounding a pretty hot VANESSA VIRGIN gangbang scene. Most of the girls in the reverse gangbangs possessed one-dimensional ASSets. They either had a nice face or a nice body but surely not both. The Vanessa scene consisted of a MMMMF turning her into a full-on three-input girl. The scene was nice and long and sexual positions were utilized multiple times. Her body is a tad thick but the poles were above average or big and did some nice work on her slightly meaty frame. This movie is chock full of anal action and hung dudes hammering away on girls. Given that it isn’t too bad.

 from Balls Deep #1
Studio: Anabolic

“Big Buns = Not Many Huns”…

MEI – Her skin has looked better and the ass has gotten too wide for my tastes. In addition, her “gun show” and drooping rack of lamb pressing through the leather outfit doesn’t do anything for me. The best thing about this scene is that it is a MMMF and interracial with a corning session. ADRIANA – This girl has a mediocre face with a nice ass and hair. That nice butt is tainted visually by an enormous low back tat. The corning sequence is decent but that low back tat was too distracting. Other girls are not my type, mediocre looking or worse. The best thing about this film is the title.

 from Trained Teens #3
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

“A Mixed Sac and No Emptying Occurred”…

I gave it the college try but there was no “peeling the onion” to this movie. MAGGIE STAR – face is passable at best; ass is subpar; boring cliché dirty talk; no thanks. CRIS TALIANA – pig tails looked pretty good; meaty ass; she acts as if she was a dog being walked on a chain; there were some nice subjective camera angles but the mediocre lighting sabotaged it (very washed out); she takes on an average-sized tool; her ass looks good on the high-angle doggie-style corning but the piss poor lighting killed it and they didn’t hold the shot long enough; she gets a big facial spray-down with eyes included. WENDY JAMES – I love her fair skinned complexion; the blindfold factor is pretty hot; the face is fairly cute; the high-angle shot of her on all fours smoking horn was super hot with her skinny well-shaped frame but the shot was short-lived; she does a left-handed jerk-off towards her face and due to lack of coordination, load flew everywhere. It reminded me of moments from my youth…super hot.

 from Cum Swapping Sluts #5
Studio: Red Light District

“Worth About Two Squirts of Piss”…

I’m not going to waste much time reviewing this one. In a nutshell, here is the summary: VANESSA VALENZUELA – cute until I saw a much better ass on her “partner in crime” CYTHERIA; faked spontaneity and lust by leaving clothes on while shagging should be utilized more in porn; MYA JOHNSON has a decent face and a very hot body but was poorly utilized with lame-o underneath cam angles during the even lamer standing doggie-style; at the end of the day, this is some weak ass poop.

 from Voyeur #7
Studio: Evil Angel

“Dated isn’t Always a Bad Thing”…

…but in this case it is. I can deal with the dated hairstyles and hairier bush but large marge asses and loose foxholes I refuse to accept. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few fairly attractive girls here but only one girl is on the thinner side of the equation. And her skin is disgustingly tan and her hooter job is valued at around $3.99. She does engage in some public sex which I give them creative credit for. MARIA De SANCHEZ – She is pretty decent looking but the dated leggings and lingerie made her look even larger than she was. There are MMF and FFM scenes but they barely did anything for me. There really aren’t any trolls but the superfluous amount of average thick bodies made this a lackluster effort. Good luck “waxing the donkey” to this one Gents. Good luck indeed.

 from Ass Cream Pies #3
Studio: Anabolic

“Techno Plus Headbanger’s Ball Equals Annoying”…

The music that persists throughout the movie is techno music with a “sniff” of hard rock. You can still hear some of the actor’s noise making but I really don’t get it. There wasn’t anything about the theme of the movie that warranted using this music throughout. It was especially annoying that they didn’t fade it out once the action got hot and heavy. ALEXA MAY – the lying on side with legs together while smoking dick was nice; the cowgirl riding while taking it in the corn and smoking pole was gorgeous; a long doggie-style scene was needed but neglected; she smokes the carp out of two meaty poles; her foxhole is beautiful. VANESSA VIRGIN – a very natural body; the doggie-style underneath cam angles were terrible as all it showed was t-sac and acne; she has nice pillowy butt cheeks which were well displayed while she rode tool and smoked another. This was okay at best. Next!

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