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All Reviews by Clotaire
 from Barefoot Confidential #18
Studio: Kick Ass


i like feet and this one was still boring. you get the sense that none of the people even like what they're doing. the "plots" are insanely dumb, and should've just not been included. the lighting in some shots was quite bad. that being said, most of the ladies were attactive. the settings were fairly original, and some of the sex was hot. i would suggest you not rent unless you truely have a foot fetish, or are really into russian girls.

 from Incumming #2
Studio: Diabolic

Lame As Hell.

DP will always be hot, and there's lots of it in this film. However, there's also lots of SUPER ANNOYING stuff: constant dude chatter in NY accent(ohbaby,ohbaby,ohbaby)though the whole thing, stupid sideways-dick-pop-bjs in EVERY scene, angry skank face, and lots of phony chicks. Rent this if you like fake orgasms, pointless smacking around of ladies, and lots of redundant couch humping. Freaking AWFUL.

 from Foot Sluts #2: English Style
Studio: Bizarre Video


a very pretty lady takes a shower, paints her toes, and goes to the local shoe store to seduce the employees. very attractive cast with british accents. pros: non-annoying dialogue (minimal), lots of foot action, kinky double dildo scene. cons: starts rather slowly, female employee very cute but not really into it at times, guy takes forever to finish. if you're into feet (not shoes, sorry there's no "shoe-love" in this one), you'll find this entertaining.

 from Dripping Creampies Anal Edition
Studio: SlickCash

Hell Yeah.

Yay! The only downside to this one is that alot of it takes place on a couch, and if it weren't for that I'd give 5 stars. Everyone in this was hot; good looking with nice bodies. There wasn't the mindless chatter, nor brutal oral scenes. Not to say it wasn't is anal after all. The quality is pretty good as well, good lighting and whatnot. Definetly rent if you dig internal shots.

 from Backyard Amateurs #1
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Outside= Not Always Good.

I love the backdrop of the great outdoors in porn, but it couldn't save this flick. First, all the girls have nice bodies, most are attractive facially as well. They are sexy and very real. What ruins it is the guys; it seems they are trying to make thing UNsexy in spite of the hot girls. First scene is some lame older guy, and they are humping near a gun range. Scene two is a very timid guy boring a very hot girl on a boat. Scene three is an awful hippie dude growling, and whipped cream is unfortunately involved. Scene four is the super hot Nyomi Marcela; but most the scene is wasted by the guy trying to do her in the back of the car/ against the car. The last scene was so-so. The girls do a great job, guys not so much. Basically the same action in every scene with all ending in facials. The bizarre locations might be the ONLY thing holding this together besides the naked girls. Skip it.

 from 69 Flava's #1
Studio: Candy Shop


Such a nice selection of ladies! All of them are good looking with good attitudes. Scene with the two latino gals is smokin' hot. First scene is almost ruined by the red head's CONSTANT retarded chatter. Scenes get a bit redundant as far pacing and lineup goes, but you can kind of overlook it due to the variety of ethnicity. Girl-on-girl action was very hot, the guys weren't gross looking, and all the oral looked super. Kinda tame, but hot.

 from Ready To Drop #38
Studio: FilmCo

Not Good.

The ladies are all at least cute, but this rent is SUPER boring. Lots of dialougue that you can barely hear, bad quality. It seems they just rounded up a bunch of preggos who needed money, no one seems to be into what they're doing. Keep looking.