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All Reviews by Clitlicker
 from Priscila's Peep Show Fantasy (Priscila Fievre Au Peep Show)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Solid hardcore action

It's hard to go wrong with a Marc Dorcel porn movie. Attractive girls, most with natural tits. Juicy action that always gets me going.

 from Hook-Ups #10
Studio: Wicked

Formulaic and fake

Look, I like extreme closeups of penetration, cunnilingus, and fellatio as much as the other guy but some of the things that you see in American porn nowadays is just a little over the top. This movie is full of spitting, tit slapping, and gagging, each of which I personally don't really care for. If things are too dry, how about using a little lube? Do we really need to see people spitting all over each other? If I slapped my wife's tits like the guys do to the girls in this film, she'd probably slap me in the balls and say, "How does that feel?" I find it hard to believe that the average person gets turned on by watching a girl gag on a huge schlong. If you like this kind of stuff then rent this one. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

 from Only For You
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Dorcel is consistent

Consistently superior in my opinion. I don't understand the other reviewers' problems with this film. So the men are wearing condoms, so what. At least that's real life. The women are also more real in these films. No ridiculous huge fake silicon boobs and overdone panting and wailing fake orgasms. 4 STARS.

 from When Girls Play #2
Studio: Abigail Productions

Nothing New Here

Not much new here to discuss. Typical all girl scenes. Average looking women. Nothing to get hot & bothered about.

 from Addicted #5
Studio: New Sensations

Beautiful women

The women in this film are all very beautiful. The first scene is incedible. The cunnilingus sequences are lengthy, which I'm sure most women long for in real life. The one drawback is that the susequent scenes all follow the exact same choreography as far as I can tell. Even though the actors are all attractive and the sex is hot, a little variety would've been nice. Overall though, I still recommend it and give it 4 stars.

 from Lesbian Fuck Fest #3
Studio: Absolute Gonzo

Very Repetitive

It seems that this movie was the same scene repeated over and over again. The girls were attractive but I'd like to see a little variety. It seems that the exact same choreography was used in each scene.

 from All About Sadie #2
Studio: Digital Sin

Sadie should shut up

The sex in this film is pretty good...fairly attractive actors, solid hardcore action. My problem with the film is that Sadie only has three words/phrases in her acting vocabulary: "Oh shit!" "Fuck!" & "Oh my God!" which she repeats over and over. If she would just be quiet, this movie would be a whole lot better.

 from Feeling It!
Studio: Adam & Eve

Definitely Different

Made by a woman, this film is not your same old porn. No silicon boobs and 9 inch schlongs here, just regular looking attractive people actually enjoying sex. Is it hardcore? Yes. Is there ass & tit slapping, spitting, and all of the fake histrionics that are seen in most American adult movies? No. If you're looking for a movie that you can watch as a couple, this is one of the best I've seen. If you're looking for endless closeups of penetration, cum shots, DPs, and fake female orgasms, rent something else.