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All Reviews by Civilguy
 from Black Lace & White Lies
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Oooh La La!!!!

We didn't realize this was a french film when we added it to our lineup. Our first clue was when I to it out of the sleeve and the title was in French! However, this movie has a little English narration during a couple of scene openings and some speaking in one scene and other than that you would never know. The women were all attractive and the movie was very sensuous.

 from A Load In Every Hole #5
Studio: Kick Ass


What is with all the spitting by the women in these movies? Is that supposed to be sexy? The women in this movie are quite limber and get bent into some strange positions. I probably wouldn't watch this unless you are into degrading women. This definitely isn't sensual or sexy. By the time the men got through with these women their ass and pussy looked like raw meat. YUCK!

 from Heart Breakers
Studio: Cal Vista


this was nicely done. the sex seemed fairly real. one of the girl-girl scenes had some uncomfortable looking positions but other than that this was a good movie. it was especially good as a "couples" movie. we got so hot watching this we missed the last scene in the movie!!

 from American Cream Pie #2
Studio: Heatwave

Boring And A Wase Of Time

This movie isn't worth the time and effort. I don't remember seeing a single cream pie in the whole movie. And what is with all the spitting (of saliva!)??

 from White Fire
Studio: VCX


There needs to be a rating less than one star! This movie is simply a film to digital conversion of a really bad late 70's or early 80's movie. Less than half of the running time involves any sex. It is a lot of bizarre imagery. And what sex scenes there were aren't worth watching and definitely weren't a turn on. Don't waste your time on this one. I fast forwarded through most of it in hopes there were be something worth watching.

 from Defiance!
Studio: VCX

What The ??????

I once again wish I could give less that 1 star and still provide a review. This is another film to DVD conversion on a movie from the early 70's. There must have been lots of drug induced hazes back then to make this movie even mildy interesting. There is nothing about this movie that makes it worth renting.

 from Xtreme Erotica
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Waste Of Time!!!

i wish i could give this less than one star and still review it! we nearly shut it off during the first scene. it was too bizarre. the second scene was a little better but still "extreme". the final scene was worth watching and was the only redeeming thing about this movie. i wouldn't waste my time on it. this site has too many other good movies to fool with this one.

 from MILF Mania
Studio: Fifth Element

Not A Complete Loss!

The last scene made watching this worth the time. The first woman definitely was on drugs. I don't understand what the fascination is with spitting. I would understand swapping cum but not spitting in the woman's mouth.

 from MILTF DP Gang Bang #1
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Not Too Bad But Not Great.....

As with most of these movies the dialogue was a little cheesy! It is basically one scene with every imaginable combination of 1 woman and 5 guys. She did not look like she was having fun by the time it was over! Not bad but I think there are better rental choices.