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All Reviews by City Guy
 from Caribbean Undercover
Studio: Adam & Eve

Listen to those who know!

I agree with all those 2 star or less comments but adding one more comment, anal! Geez give me a warning at least! If you're into it more power to you but I don't know one person who is. Plot paper thin, shots so far away I couldn't tell what was happening. Look at something else.

 from Night Play
Studio: Vivid

A Little Dark

It does have a thread of a plot, but how it got the ratings they claim is beyond me. Women are hot but can't overcome the movie theme of a dominating guy. Just doesn't turn me on.

 from Day Dreamer
Studio: Cal Vista

Not bad

Had mild plot which was writer imagining several trysts and writing about them. Women and guys were all lookers and best part is scenes did not go on and on. Long enough to get to the point but not repeat shot after repeat from different angles.

 from Whispers
Studio: New Sensations

Worth the rental

A little thread of a plot. Scenes were right length and none went on s long you wished they end. Better than many other dvd's.

 from WetScape
Studio: Sin City

I saw a different movie!

What I saw was so bad I could stay through the end. Goes to show you eyewitnesses can see the same thing and have different answers. It looked old and cheap to me. Retirement would be good.

 from Shades of Red
Studio: Nectar

How bad can it be!

Obviously I watched a different movie than other raters did! The movie I saw had no plot, and no dialogue at all! It was one scene following another. The music caused me to spasm. If girls peeing all over them selves faking organisms then this is for you. It is not a couples nor a feature movie.

 from Silver Screen Confidential
Studio: Wicked

Missed the Mark

It just didn't get there. Some attempt to make a plot but campy humor from Jonathan Morgan and Peter North and accents left a lot missing. Girls were fine but just missed the mark

 from Golden Touch, The
Studio: Wicked

Retirement would be good!

If you're into mid 80 video this ones for you. A plot that a 3 year old could dream up. Sex scenes go from one to the other and defy reality.

 from Sex Ahoy!
Studio: Wicked

Time to retire it!

I try to be fair, but this one needs to be retired. There was no thread at all which may be the case for compilations but really. If you want to see people banging away, on a boat, in the boat then this is for you.

 from Secrets Of The Velvet Ring
Studio: Wicked

Not that Exciting!

Just didn't do it for us. Scene after scene needs some sort of thread of a plot which this didn't have. Yes I know the club but that wasn't enough.

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