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All Reviews by Chinkachick
 from Angel X (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

I'm Torn Between Quality And Fun Here.

I liked the quality of the film. Camera positioning was unique but not very practical seeming they would blur out the copulation to focus on a tea cup?? As I expected the girls were going to be a quite too thin for the tastes of my lover and I, but the second scene was amazing because that girl was just plain ferocious! everybody should love a woman that bites back. The Kaylani Lei girl is really small. This I suppose is to be expected seeming she is Asian, but her body reminded the both of us of a 12 year old little girl and was a major turn off. Feeling dirty and not in a good way, we skipped watching scenes with her altogether. I gave it a three star because the men are very attractive, especially the first guy, the film quality was certainly not low budget, and there was an interesting plot.

 from Knockin Nurses #1
Studio: Heatwave

Not Really Interesting

Although I liked the fact that the girls were thicker, their breasts weren't the most attractive sets out there. I'm actually glad there wasn't a whole lot of time spent on blow jobs, but the actual sex was boring and almost all the guys were less than appealing to me.

 from Pirates (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Playground

How Is This A Porn?

well, there is very little sex. i can hardly call this a porn. there was a lot more "movie" than porn and all the porn scenes were super short and boring. finally when the pirate guy was screwing his whore, a part i was waiting for an entire hour, it was like two minutes long. . . okay so maybe he just lasted two minutes, but still! all tit, no puss, no cock, nothing. how is this a porn? some of the movie was pretty funny, a lot of the acting was bad but i wasn't expecting much. however, because there wasn't a lot of sex, there could have been a lot better acting to make it worth my time.

 from Bubblebutts #1
Studio: Old Pueblo

Most Of The Women Are Too Skinny

These girls really don't have bubble butts. Actually the hottest one was Ms. Rose with her adorable boston accent. The last three are boring in size and shape as their is nothing bubblebutt or chubby about them! They can lose a lot of the blowjob shots, cause that gets old and there is only one guy in the whole film. That is way boring. And then there is two camera guys in the last scene of the film and you keep getting the second camera guy in the shot! what's up with that? But the first two girls are pretty hott but not really the size I like my women.

 from Hog Heaven
Studio: Gentlemen's

Chubby Size 10 Girls!

Don't let the name fool you, these girls are not huge. Actually the first girl, the same on as on the cover, is the biggest. The rest of them are about a size 10, which is far from big. Just the way women should be chubby, healthy, and not bony! I gave it four stars because the girls are curvey, have awesome bodies, and are pretty. I'm not giving it a five because there is to much blow job (in every scene), the camera quality isn't that great, and the second actor was HUGE. He was about six times bigger than the girl he was doing. He was well hung, but just packing way to much weight. This is okay on girls, not so okay on dudes. . .