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All Reviews by ChicChick
 from Caribbean Undercover
Studio: Adam & Eve

First-Tier Porn!

Good combination of plot and sex- which is rare. They make a real attempt at acting, and the actors/actresses are top-notch. There were a few non-sex scenes that went on forever, but it's overall one of the top 5 porns I've ever watched.

 from African Heat
Studio: VCA

Nice Filming- Hot Sex

This is a solid rental. The actresses are smoking hot, and the sex was even hotter. The plot is decent, although the 'diamond' that the story revolves around looks like a piece of broken up concrete, and some of the dialog is hard to decipher. One 'outdoor' sex scene was obviously shot on a blue screen, but it was still hot. Overall, one of the better feature films I've rented.

 from Dream Quest
Studio: Wicked

5 Star Talent, 5 Star Movie

This is the film that made me a porn fan. The acting is GOOD, the girls are 10s, and the director turned this into a real movie with no boring scenes. You should pass on this film if you are looking for raunch, but this is a very hot movie for couples.

 from Bend Over & Say Ahh #2
Studio: Coast to Coast

Fun Movie

This movie was so cheesey that it was actually fun to watch. The girls were sort of second rate, except of course for Briana. The way low-budget feel and corny over-acting makes this surprisingly humorous. The extra bonus clips of the starlets talking and then masturbating made me totally wet.

 from Bad Wives
Studio: Vivid

for Classic Porn Lovers

the colors are washed out and some of the girls are amateur/second-rate. it looks just like one of my ten million free adam & eve porno compilations, with scenes that look like they're from the 80s. it's a decent compilation video however- there are tons of scenes and the bonus side has categorized them for easy viewing(ie- anal, cum shots, etc). i can't comment much on the plot- i just started jumping from scene to scene!

 from Sextraterestrials
Studio: VCA

Great film- deceiving cover

This is an excellent couples film. The talent is FIRST-RATE. The filmwork is fantastic. Even the jokes are fairly amusing. The plot is pretty skimpy but it makes sense. I was disappointed, however- the cover makes it look like the aliens are members of Star Trek's Borg, or that we're going to see spaceships and laser beams. NOT SO! What you get is a mild spoof of X-files mixed with sizzling models in cowboy clothes fucking on a ranch. It's not the movie I was expecting, but it's still good. Enjoy!

 from Blue Movie
Studio: Wicked

In my opinion, any movie starring Jenna is a good one. This one is pretty decent- some comedy, some real acting. Some of the sex is super hot, while some of it is lame. The scene where Jenna makes love to a ball is a little bizarre but still hot. It's a little older, with a few scenes that look like they came from the 80s, and the dvd lacks any interesting features. But overall, it's pretty good.

 from Island Fever #1
Studio: Digital Playground

Beautiful Scenes

I can only give this 3 stars because this movie has no plot. It is a compilation of 3 gorgeous girls stripping and screwing in paradise. The best part of the DVD is watching the bonus stuff and listening to Tera narrate while she gets rammed.

 from Cover To Cover
Studio: Wicked

Jenna - 'nuff said

it could have used a touch more story to tie it all together, but just about anything jenna is good. this is no exception. a fine collection of jenna and other pros. do you like blondes with big fake tits? then you gotta see the 'poker game' scene. I nearly cried, it was so hot. lots of variety in this one- something for everyone.

 from Dangerous Flesh
Studio: Cal Vista


The ads were more entertaining than the movie. There are one or two respectable sex scenes, but this movie needed hotter girls and a better plot.

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