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All Reviews by Cdawg
 from South Of The Border #1
Studio: Jules Jordan Video


Nothing special about this movie. It was very routine. Certainly nothing to get excited about. When will these porn directors realize that dry screwing is not attractive. Everyone knows that when a woman gets excite, she gets wet. So this movie was boring to me. No passion at all.

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #13
Studio: Evasive Angles

Definitely For The Butt Lover

This movie has a nice selection of asses. The passion was ok. Sometimes it got a little routined but overall the hot chicks made up for it.

 from Taco Shop #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance


I have watched news reports and gotten turned on more than this movie. There is no passion and it is too clean. The women were dry and fridged and the men in this movie could not screw. It was just plain boring.

 from Black Amateur Sex #1
Studio: West Coast

Don't Waste Your Time.

There was only one seen in this movie worth watching, the first one. The rest of the seens were run of the mill oooh aah ooh, oh baby, oh baby, hurry up and finish. Absolutely no passion. The porn industry should wake up and realize that men like to see the womans juices just like the women enjoy seeing the mens. Stop the dry screwing.

 from Orgy World: Brown & Round #4
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Not One Of The Better Orgy World Movies

This movie did not live up to my expections for the Orgy World series. I think only two of the chicks in this movie take it up the pooper. It was nothing like the Brazillian chicks in the Bubble Butt series. Those girls were freaky and passionate. All of them took it up the pooper and more.

 from All Dat Azz #21
Studio: West Coast

Where Is The Passion?

Its a shame to have a chick with all that ass and can't screw. The girl selection for this move is a good one but only one of them can really put it down. I would be very pissed if I got with one of these girls with all that ass and she could not work those hips.

 from Big Phat Apple Bottom Bootys #2
Studio: Evasive Angles

Nice Asses

There were some nice asses in this movie. A little too much talking but it was OK. The one honey at the end from New York is a machine. She gets me hard just watching her go to work. Some of these other porn women need to take notes from her.

 from She Got Ass #1
Studio: West Coast

Good For Ass-Lovers

I found this movie to be one of the better ass-lover movies. It has a nice selection of women with nice large and round asses plus the guys in this movie are laying the pipe (rappid fire) and are not just trying to keep from cumming. If you like big asses getting pounded you will like this one.

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #14
Studio: Evasive Angles

Over Directed

This movie has some very nice chicks in it. Too bad they were not allowed to perform to their abilities. This movie was over directed to the point it was boring. No passion at all. A lot of dry screwing and the performers were too busy looking into the monitor and not into the sex scene. I've seen amatures perform better.

 from All Dat Azz #23
Studio: West Coast

Don't Waste Your Time.

if you are a true ass-man like me, this is not the movie for you. i have seen every "all dat azz" movie and truely this one was the worst. there was only one girl in the entire movie who deserved to be in it (big red at the beginning) and she was a lazy screw. all that ass and don't know how to move it. not only do the women in this movie have little asses but they do not know how to screw. a waste of time.

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