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All Reviews by Casasnova
 from Giving Ass
Studio: Collateral Damage

It was o.k. a few of the girls were pretty hot, but this was a German film and as many people the Germans make pretty kinky porn. My wife and I enjoyed it less than American made porn. I gave it 3 stars because it wasn't too rough.

 from Taboo #19
Studio: Cal Vista

Well, I just didn't care for it. There was too much S&M not enough cursing and nasty sex.

 from Strike Force / Rough & Tumble
Studio: Gentlemen's

Not arousing at all

I rented this one because of flame. I LOVE FLAME. Her porceline skin and that shocking red hair. Her gorgeous eyes when she sucks a hard cock or licks a dripping pussy. There was no sensuality in this movie at all. It wasn't even sexy at all. A little roughness during sex is one thing, but there was barely any sex. It was just wrestling and slapping. PASS on this one BIG TIME I wish I could give this one no stars

 from Overtime #2 (5 Disc Set) (Disc 1)
Studio: Video Team

I Didn't Care For It At All

From the description of this movie it didn't sound like alot of heavy women. I just didn't find it very arrousing at all.

 from Mommy Loves To Fuck
Studio: Temptation

Not what I was expecting

First, the title is "Mommy loves to fuck" The girls in this film were just that girls. Not moms or MilfS by any means. I expected older women, mid 30's to late 40's anyway, it as o.k. as a fuck flick, was just dissapointed at the age of the women.

 from 8th Day, The (Disc 2)
Studio: Adam & Eve

Not bad

I'm not much into these sci-fi pornos but it was pretty good. The story wasn't very believable and of course the acting was kind of crappy. but it is porn afterall. I prefer movies where the girls don't look all beat up. Everyone in this movie looked like they had been working under a car just before they did the shoot. Grease and dirt all over them. Personally I think women look seier when you can see there clean gorgeous bodies. anyway, i'll pass on anymore like this.

 from Real Slut Party
Studio: MOFOS

I wish they had parties like this when I was in college!!!

I LOVE this movie. They women are fucking gorgeous, young, slender, flexible, NASTY LITTLE COCKWHORES. I don't know if this movie was faked or if it's genuinly filmed at a college sex party. The house was obviously owned by someone with ALOT of money. Mabey someones patents. or mabey the producers. Who knows. There's some 1-on-1 scenes, 3-somes, boy/girl/boy, girl/boy/girl. Lots of cumm being sprayed and swallowed. A great movie to have platyin if you're having an orgy of your own or just a casual fuck.

 from Seduced By Mommy #2
Studio: Filly Films

Not real Mothers and daughters

The sex was pretty hott but it was obviously acted. It's hard to find real amateur Mother/daughter teams where the two women have sex. There is some ith a guy but the mom and daughter just touch a little and never go down on each other. Hopefully they will carry the more realistic real mother daughter sex.

 from American Cocksucking Sluts #2 (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel


This movie was soo gross. The women had terrible boob jobs.(One you could see the scars) and they were't that attractive to begin with. They were all soo ghetto. I don't mind an enthusiastic wet blow-job. I love it. But when the girls are gagging and slime is pouring out of their mouths and they're practically puking I draw the line. There were 2 girls for each scene and no lesbian action other than kissing. No cunt licking, no cum swapping. No scissoring. ANd the production vales were terrible. It must have cost them like $2.12 to make this shitty movie. LOW LOW BUDGET. DON"T rent this.