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All Reviews by Cannabear
 from Smoke & Suck
Studio: Old Pueblo

Way To Use Smoke

Looks low-budget but delivers no-nonsense action that makes the title appropriate. The stripped-down sets add to the fetish appeal and make it easy to focus on the goings on.

 from Smoke-O-Rama
Studio: Starr

Naked Chicks Smoking. Yawn.

This is for guys who get off on the idea that chicks can smoke while they're naked. Several pretty mature women smoke while mostly-naked. I think one might touch herself once or twice, but if you're more into chicks that y'know, do stuff while smoking, or who use smoke to good effect, try Smoke & Suck.

 from Sex Files, The #1: A Dark XXX Parody (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Sin

Kimberly Kane as Dana Scully was great

Kimberly Kane was surprisingly believable as Gillian Anderson/Dana Scully. Even though this is a parody, the plot actually compares favorably to some of the sillier monster/occult X-Files episodes. The sex was good - I definitely enjoyed it more than the average porn.

 from Seduction, The
Studio: GreyArt

I hoped for more from Sasha

These vignettes have hot chicks, but the focus on artsy posing takes away from the sex. Also, Sasha Grey only does girl-girl in this, which was a disappointment.

 from Wedding Day, The
Studio: New Sensations Romance

There are much better in the series

Like the rest of New Sensations' Romance Series, the HD and production values of this feature are impressive. Unfortunately, and unlike great Romance Series movies like A Little Part of Me and Lost and Found, the "romance" elements of this story seem pretty silly and distracting. There is some heat in the scenes (including one scene with the quick suggestion of assplay, which I haven't seen in other movies in the series) but overall this effort comes out uneven.

 from An Office Romance
Studio: New Sensations Romance

There are much better in the series

This is part of the Romance Series by New Sensations. It was pretty early in the series and it shows. In terms of performers, sets, and finishes it is the most like a "standard" porn, but not really well-executed. Like the rest of the series, this was marketed to couples, but I much preferred Lost and Found and A Little Part of Me.

 from Content
Studio: Vivid-Alt

Mixing a '70's feel with postmodern artistic pretension

The action here is not particularly extreme, but there's enough spitting, spanking and gagging to earn this film a "nasty" label. The girls here seem to be loving it - no one looks disengaged or uncomfortable - which makes this a good watch for couples who want to move into slightly edgier territory. The blue-tinged, washed out color palette and low-fi sound gave this film a '70's vibe that I think worked really well. The movie opens strong with a great scene between Kimberly Kane and Mr. Pete. I also really enjoyed the laundry room scene with Madison Young and Dane Cross.

 from Big Lebowski, The: A XXX Parody (Disc 1)
Studio: New Sensations

Good for Urban Achievers

I've been surprised lately by the quality of parodies. I wouldn't recommend this for people looking for standard hardcore, but if you're a fan of The Big Lebowski and open to seeing it mocked, this is pretty good and more faithful to the source material than I would have expected. I like Kimberly Kane as Maude Lebowski.

 from Tres Flores
Studio: Vivid-Alt

This is striking and trippy.

I think this is a film that people are going to feel strongly about. This is artsy, uses a generally slower pace in the scenes. Hot alt-girls do sexy geeks or mysterious-button-down guys. There is a lot of tease in this film. The title refers to night blooming flowers, and much of the action takes place in dim light. Definitely not for viewers who need bright sets. Trippy flower visuals in a film can be trite, but I think they were effective here. This might be a particularly good for watch for couples looking for something that's equal parts erotic, edgy and safe.

 from Awakening To Love
Studio: New Sensations Romance

Amazing what HD can do

I've been a fan of the New Sensations Romance Series because of the films' high production values and HD filming. The HD really brings out the beauty of the performers here. Samantha Ryan and Allie Haze both turn in great couples-friendly performances. Some of the costuming is silly enough to be distracting, and it was disappointing to see Kimberly Kane in a non-sex role, otherwise I probably would have given four stars. The cute dog from Lost and Found (one of my favorites from the Romance Series) also makes an appearance.

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