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All Reviews by Candace
 from Sex Safari
Studio: Wicked

Good Film, Bad DVD

Overall, it was a pretty good film. Maybe because I'm female, I tend to like big budget porn with exotic settings more than the extreme stuff. Chris Cannon and Alec Metro are two of the hottest guys in straight porn. They're the reason I rented it. The locations are cool, the costumes are cool. Stephanie Swift looks beautiful. She has a very shy quiet demeanor in the behind the scenes segments and then on screen she's got that badass babe thing going. It was cool.

 from Our Story
Studio: Erotic Angel

What where they on?

The story takes place in the 60's but no one wears 60's clothes. The costume designer was really lazy just giveing the guys tye dye shirts. This couple tells a story and they're supposed to have been young in the 60's yet they look like they haven't aged a bit. It's pretty funny. But the sex is pretty hot. Chris Cannon is a babe.

 from Invitation, The
Studio: Sin City


Ok flick. Tried to be inteligent. Ended up being cheesey. I really don't like the long haired guy who's the star.

 from Trick Baby
Studio: Sin City

You ain't nothing but a trick baby

nice big budget, but it was pretty much wasted. i know porn is not supposed to be "good" storywise, but with sugh a big budget you think they could have done a better job. dillion day, who has to be my favorite porn star is wasted in this. lee stone, another one of my favorite hunks has a decent scene but overall it's pretty boring. and the ending is so cheesey. i guess that's porn. but the sex was pretty boring too.

 from Buffy Down Under
Studio: CDI

Makes me wanna chunder

I've seen Euro films, I've seen American films. After awhile, you get tired of seeing the same guys over and over again. So I thought, ooh! This is shot in Australia and has an Austrlaian cast. I love Aussie guys. Well, they got probably the ugliest Australians I've ever seen. The lead actress is American. It's corny. One of the girls looks like she was hit in the face with a fryping pan. It's just an awful awful film. Too bad though, Australia has enough beautiful people and exotic locations to have a good porn industry. If they never make crap like this again.

 from Succubus
Studio: VCA

Don't run over naked ladies or you'll go to hell

Pretty funny in a cheesey way. Some pretty good scenes. TJ Cummings is yummy. Some good old fashioned cheesy fun porn.

 from Daredevils
Studio: Vivid

Not too shabby

This isn't so bad. Some of the guys actually look like they would be into extreme sports. Other guys are way too buffed up. The guy at the beginning is wearing ripped daisy dukes. I don't know too many straight dare devils who wear those. LOL. Not bad though. First gay porn film I've seen. The guys are pretty cute. No real uglies like in straight porn.

 from Debauchery #12
Studio: Diabolic


Just nasty. Really degrading and kinky. I'm sure that will appeal to some of you but don't watch this with your girlfriend or she'll dump you and tell all your friends you're a weirdo.