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All Reviews by C Dizzle
 from Bring'Um Young #1
Studio: Anabolic

MMM MMM Squirty

GREAT CAST, good scenes, hot women, fun butt slamming :P THis is a definite keeper.

 from Bring'Um Young #2
Studio: Anabolic

Fun and young

Good girls... some got tghat real innocent look, you can tell it's there first time on camera. Kasey is on with her boyfriend at the time.. he looked like a real goober haha

 from Buttman & Rocco Go To Montreal
Studio: Rocco Siffredi

Some good stuff

Great movie.. Rocco is a freaking king haha... he goes to a strip bar and fucks the strippers one by one when they get off stage. I have a pretty good eye for scripted and this looks legit.. also some great park sex scenes..all kinds of good stuff!

 from Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women #1
Studio: Evil Angel

Educational.. not !

They try to pass this off as an edcational video.. but the girl tells us what we already know then you watch people get fucked! I did like most of the scenes.. NACHOS a beast! The best was the last gang bang.. you get to see the teacher get boned!

 from Buttman's Big Tit Adventure #5
Studio: Evil Angel

Awesome girls with nice asses and nice tits.... takes place in budapest and the girls are da best.

 from Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women #2
Studio: Evil Angel

Too scripted

Their first one was cool because you can tell they tried to wing it.. this one was not as good because they wrote lines and you could tell they were acting..... some good girls though.

 from Bring'Um Young #8
Studio: Anabolic

Kasey my LOVE!

It was ok... some of the girls weren't that great, but Kasey always makes up for it... I love her haha. She has snice feet as well :)

 from Buttman's Young Lust
Studio: Evil Angel


Well, the scenes were pretty good second scene was mty favorite. All of the girls kind of look the same, not that much variety. Not very big breasts either.

 from Rocco's Initiations #5
Studio: Rocco Siffredi


I usually like Rocco because he is a savage.. but this time the girls were ok.. didn;t really feel like they were gettin initiated. You could tell it was being scripted. One really long scene where he keeps adding girls and 2 other kinda short ones, all of the just ok.....

 from Fashionistas (Disc 2)
Studio: Evil Angel

whole lotta bondage

Pleasing on the eye, great outfits, good angles. Only like 3 sex scenes that are pretty long... I wish I saw the first movie first.

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