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All Reviews by Buttguy
 from Teen Power! #18
Studio: Kick Ass

No imagination!!! Just get naked and hump, hump, hump hump, hump, hump hump and hump some more.

 from Fall "N" Love
Studio: Mountain Shadows Productions

There was a spark of imagination in this one, but it then degenerated into a whole lot of repetition like so many of them. The dialogue was very amateurish, like there wasn't any kind of script. I thought girls were suppose to be good at faking orgasms. Well, they don't seem to be doing a very good job in these films.

 from 1st Annual Amateur Rookie Search #4
Studio: Grindhouse Porn


There was no imagination. Just take off the clothes and screw, screw, and screw. How about a little titillation? Some teasing?

 from Couples Seduce Teens #16
Studio: Pink Visual

No imagination. Just humping, humping humping and more humping. I must admire the guy's stamina though.