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All Reviews by Brutalize_Her
 from Sistaz 'N Chains
Studio: Video Team

Skip it

Lots of potential but just WAY TO TAME! I love the sisters and was hoping this would have been a black version of "No Warning". Fail! These sisters know nothing about domination and couldn't take ANY kind of pain or discipline. What a waste of a rental, don't make the same mistake I did.

 from PornoMation #2
Studio: Pornotopia


I'm not much for animation to begin with, but checked this out because of the rave reviews. Guess I just don't get it wasn't impressed. Average at best.

 from Street Walkers #1
Studio: Anarchy


Of course, none of these chicks were actual street walkers. I'm sure I've seen a couple of them in other flicks. As stated, same boring dick, same boring camera shots, same boring positions. It gets old after the second chick. I didn't even finish it after #3 Hand held cameras for shooting porn suck by the way... Don't bother with this one.

 from Pussy Haters
Studio: Black Widow

decent watch

Agree with other poster, Puma saved this one from being a total waste. There is some nice gagging bj scenes, but the anal wasn't all that rough. As a whole the video wasn't rough enough for my tastes.

 from School Of Hardcore
Studio: Black Widow


Again, only rented for Puma but this whole video wasn't worth watching. I only got about 2/3 way through and gave up. Puma couldn't save this one from being a waste.

 from Twisted As Fuck
Studio: DVSX

Pretty good

If you like it rough, nasty, dirty and degrading, this video is for you. So far, I only thing "Rough Sex" is a better video from here. This one almost made four stars, except as stated the "dirty talk" in most parts took away from what was going on. The nurse/patient part actually disturbed me, but the nurse over acted too much and made it somewhat comical. Worth checking out though if you are into domination/humiliation like I am.

 from Big Tit Bondage #7
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

not enough punishment

Yes, they were some nice big tits bound up. The black girl was especially nicly bound up and very cute. Problem was the other women were fat and ugly. The whiping and flogging were VERY tame. ZERO TIT SLAPPING in this one, which was a lose because they were nice and big ones that would have looked hot getting slapped around. Too much ass whiping in here for a title called Big Tit Bondage. Too much laughing from the women too, which was a turn off for a video of this type. 1 star rating on this one, it could have been a lot better. Don't waste a rental on it...

 from Grandma Likes Pussy #1
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video


Don't even look at the back cover...NONE of those shots were even in this video. A few of the women were decent looking, but as a whole this video was boring and predictable. Lick, lick, stick, done... If you are into older women find something else, because this one will let you down for sure.

 from Hogtied Hooters
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video


Not enough tit torture and what they did wasn't rough enough. Again, too much ass & back whipping for a title called Hogtied Hooters. Zero sex, only one of the women was pretty (she was the best, her dom was boring). Only Dan Hawke is worse then this company, spare yourself the wasted rental.

 from Whipped Wife
Studio: LBO no...

This video just doesn't deliver. Period! Much potential and it falls short. The wife in this video just isn't attractive at all and is a real turn off. She did have some big tits, but the guy just didn't punish them enough. Not rough enough with her, or she is just a light weigh for punishment. The other 3 odd balls in this video are from "Sexual Dominant Transvestite" and I assume both were shot at the same time...and it looked disturbing. If I could vote less then 1 star I would have. Poorly shot, poor banter, ugly wife, weak & lame domination and punishment. Don't waste a rental on it.

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