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All Reviews by Bozreview
 from Anything You Want (Offertes A Tout #13)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

The Word Is Gonzo

I love movies with story lines, but when you just want to get laid, gonzo's the way to go. If you have a special lady coming over to view your movie selections, this movie will definitely get you laid. And buddy will it be great.

 from Baby Dolls Betrayed
Studio: Baby Doll

Ah To Be The Betrayer

If there is ever a baby doll out there that feels betrayed and wants to get back at her boyfriend the way these girls did...CALL ME! I'll go right along with helping you out. Good movie.

 from Veronica's Game
Studio: Wicked

Gotta Love Veronica

Good sex scenes, heavenly bodies. Really gotta love Veronica. Story line is funny and good.

 from Bounce That Czech
Studio: Wicked


Gonzo in its purest form. Great movie, never a dull moment. Your girl friend will definitely love it as well and with her watching it your night will be a night to remember.

 from Crimson Cum Queens
Studio: Wicked

Please Cum Again

Great movie. These women are hot and definitely enjoy what they do. This movie will put your girl in the mood and keep her there for a long long time.

 from Erotik
Studio: Wicked

Sex Is Great

Not a bad movie and the sex was great! Just a little too much on the directing. Could use more oral scenes, just not enough.

 from Butter Bags #1
Studio: Kick Ass

I Fell Asleep

I fell asleep during this one, it wasn't even good enough for Cinemax late night. I wouldn't recommend this one if you're watching it with your girl.

 from American Ass #3
Studio: Fusxion

Interesting To Say The Least

If your into urinating this is the movie for you. It takes away from the really good stuff.

 from Beauty And The Bodyguard
Studio: Hustler


My new favorite actress is Tiffany Taylor. WOW! The first scene is more than just a mind blower. She is INCREDIBLE in every way. The rest of the movie was great as well. Once your girl watches the first scene though, everything else is an orgasmic blurr.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #25: Blondes
Studio: Kick Ass

Good Flick

Definitely worth watching. Have her watch it with you too and get a blow by blow of the hole flick.

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