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 from Dark City (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve

Close But No Cigar

They were not hired for their acting that's for sure. This movie needs less talking and more sex. Nothing worse than a sex scene where the guy just doesn't shut up. Sex scenes were good but the sounds in the scenes took away from them. Not my favorite.

 from Fantasy Island
Studio: Nectar

Close But No Cigar

My wife wasn't impressed with this movie. Not a mood maker. Scenes were less than exciting and acting was somewhat boring.

 from Boobstravaganza! #9 (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Sin

Not A Winner

I gave it a 3 star because it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't a real mood setter either. I wouldn't reccommend this one if you're trying to get your girl in the mood.

 from Pussy Cats
Studio: R18 Media

Good Sex Flick

If sex is the goal when you're watching this, great things will cum. Not great directing, actually not too good either, but fun sex scenes.

 from Carolina Jones And The Broken Covenant (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve


Great sex! Beautiful women! What else can one ask for? Funny story line, yes it actually has a story line. Definitely worth watching. The acting is not going to win an Oscar, but the sex will win a Woody!

 from I'm So Nasty #1
Studio: Lucky Devil

Wow, This Was Bad

In the beginning scene, the acting was poor, but what was worse was you could actually hear the director and some of the crew. Scenes would suddenly cut and to another view then suddenly cut back to a previous view. The other scenes were not nearly as bad, but by that time we were just over this movie.

 from Voyeur #35
Studio: Evil Angel

Great Scenes

Beautiful women who know how to have great sex. Really enjoyed the scenes in this movie. So did she.

 from Sporty Girls #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Hard Core

If you're into treating someone hard core with choke holds and rough slaps, this movie is for you. If not, then this is not worth watching.

 from 8th Day, The (Disc 2)
Studio: Adam & Eve

Made me wish I was her co-star

Incredibly delicious actress. Movie wasn't bad either, it was an interesting story.

 from Pornstar Superheroes (Disc 1)
Studio: Elegant Angel

Boring to say the least

The movie was just so boring that by the time we got to the sex scenes, they was just as bad. Too bad, because they probably could have been worth watching.

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