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All Reviews by Bozreview
 from Look Don't Touch
Studio: Vivid

The Word Is Big!

If you're looking for big breasted women, this is the movie for you. Acting wasn't great but that's not why we're watching them is it?

 from Nantucket Housewives
Studio: Damaged

Very Nice

Wouldn't mind moving to Nantucket. Good show although just too short, leaves you hanging.

 from Naughty Amateurs #1
Studio: Combat Zone

Good Flick

This is in the top 20 of amateur movies. If you're trying to get your girl in the mood, this one will do the trick.

 from O: The Power Of Submission (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve

My Wife Thought It Was Boring

There was so much dialogue between the action scenes that it felt like you were watching a made for TV movie with a few sex scenes in between.

 from Wet
Studio: Tightfit

Title Fits The Feel

Your girl will love this movie, because Wet is what she'll be after watching this. Love the Gonzo type movies, don't have to worry about anyone trying to keep up with a story, better off just making your own.

 from Club Inferno
Studio: Nectar

Not Impressed

If your into just watching women dance, this is a good movie. But if you want action check out another flick. The scenes when they did come around were pretty good.

 from Heeeeere's Raylene!
Studio: Vivid

Close But No Cigar

Not too of an exciting movie. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, just not great. Raylene is beautiful. She is really someone you could picture yourself with in any of those scenes with. Just seemed to be lacking unlike other movies.

 from Promises Of The Heart
Studio: Wicked


You have to give it 4 stars just for Jenna Haze alone. She is delicious. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't long enough. 4 Stars to Jenna, made me wish I was an actor staring next to her.

 from Lady Scarface (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve

Great Movie

Definitely a must watch. The women in this movie are ones to remember. Highly recommend this movie to everyone.

 from Pulp Friction
Studio: Adam & Eve

Pulp Friction

Funny story line, the acting will make you laugh with them. Very funny. The important scenes are great at what they do. The actresses are incredibly edible and leave you wanting more. Good flick, not Oscar worthy, but who watches these for the acting?

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