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All Reviews by Bosey Brandywine
 from Anal Bandits #4
Studio: Loaded Digital

Allie Sin Finally Emotes!

I've always had a bit of a problem when it comes to Allie Sin (aka Naughty Nattie), and that is that while I always thought she was incredibly hot, it was painfully obvious that she was an angry, uninterested participant in her sex scenes. Sometimes, if you were lucky, you'd get a moment where she scowled at the guy she was with, but most of the time she just laid there and took it until her partner was done with her. With this movie, we get some of the "new" Allie Sin. She emotes! She talks, smiles, and seems to actually enjoy the sex! Finally! And what an improvement it is! On top of that, Allie's scene is primarily POV, which just rocks. I've been dying to see a decent POV of Allie Sin, and this film delivers. The other girls in this movie are also very hot, with a special Gold Star going to an early Audrey Hollander scene. This is Audrey before she went all Los Angeles, so she's very sexy, plain, and unenhanced. But it's a SMOKING hot threesome scene, in which she displays some major hip-swivelling skills. It's worth the rental just to see Audrey looking this cute and being this sexy. Audrey's a hard act to follow. The other girls would have benefitted by her scene being placed last in the movie! All in all, a great flick that is way better than the stupid title would lead you to believe.