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All Reviews by Blown!
 from Hollywood Legs
Studio: LBO

An average porn

I didn't realize how old this flick was when I rented it. The fact that Houston is in it should have alerted me. Not that I mind! I think Houston was/is HOT! This was one of her better performances. Overall, there was too much goofing around and wasted time getting down to business. Especially the scene with Nena Cherry. I thought they would NEVER get all her clothes off. However, it was worth waiting for the splendid Asian cowgirl action she does on the guy. One great scene. Anyway, the ladies were hot, but the action was generally average and there was too much screwing around. And although it is entitled "Hollywood Legs", it's really more about feet than legs. There you have it. Blown!

 from Hollywood Porn Hookers #2
Studio: American Xcess

Above average

I rented this mainly for Rayveness as I'm a huge fan, and she gave a pretty good performance though not her best. Music was playing over much of the action which is incredibly annoying. The ladies all gave good performances though and it's worth a rent, particularly for Rayveness fans. Blown!

 from Cougars In Heat #1
Studio: Lethal Hardcore


I really was impressed by this flick. The ladies were hot and the action was great, and cinematography was good. Ava Laren looked so incredible. Definitely worth a rent. Definitely. Blown!

 from Bangers #2
Studio: Demolition


I'm not a big fan of anal, and every girl in this flick gets it that way. Much of the acting was really bad, and Roxy Jezel's scene had audio overdubbed, or at least out of sync at a minimum. Just not much in this film to my liking, but if you dig anal, you may like it. Blown!

 from Strippers Need Love Too
Studio: Cal Vista


The ladies were hot, but the cinematography was lame. All shot with a filter in a dark club scene with overlaid music and it made for a very ethereal scene in every case. Disappointing for the quality of talent in the flick. Blown!

 from Don't Let Daddy Know #3
Studio: Red Light District

Not bad

All the ladies were decent in this flick. Sindee was kind of a weak link among them all but still delivered. The girls were a little young for my taste, but delivered strong performances. Could have done without so much anal, and some hot lingerie would have helped. Otherwise, decent cinematography and good looking women made for a decent flick. Blown!

 from M.I.L.T.F. #22
Studio: Heatwave

Good flick

The ladies were all hot, cinematography was good, good scenes, and good camera angles. Can't ask for more than that. Bethany Sweet was naughty and nasty, Alexis Carrington looked great, Essence was a hot new face, all scenes very good.

 from Screwed And Stranded On Route 66
Studio: Unleashed

Pretty poor flick

This movie was an ultra low budget flick filmed outdoors and with horrible cinematography. Audio and video both were poor and the acting was awful. I only rented to see Zasu. Blown!

 from Top Heavy #4
Studio: 818

Most, if not all, fake

I believe almost all, if not all, the women in this movie have fake tits. Some of them had horrible plastic surgery scars, and their surgeons ought to lose their licenses. Absolutely terrible jobs. There was some decent sex. One of the girls, whose name I forget, had a pretty voluptuous body and it was fun watching her bounce up and down on on the guy. Another reddish haired gal looked as though she was truly organismic, and really had a look of enjoyment about her. But the boobs were all fake and unnatural looking on all the ladies, and it was a distraction from what otherwise might have been good scenes. Blown!

 from Older Hairy Squirters #1
Studio: FilmCo


This movie turned out to be much better than I anticipated it being. Great cinematography and HOT ladies (although Susanna De Garcia is a little manly looking for my taste), and excellent action teamed up to make this a very hot movie and I highly recommend it. Penny Porsche even lactates. BLOWN!

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