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All Reviews by Blown!
 from Chicks & Salsa #4
Studio: 3rd Degree

Very good

The ladies in here were hot!!! And the cinematography was quite good. I had no complaints. An excellent flick worth a rent.

 from Loose Morals: In Lingerie
Studio: Coast to Coast

Good, but... weird.

I have to agree with the first reviewer in that there were some good scenes, particularly with Lezley Zen and Michelle B. But, what's with the spreading of ketchup, mustard, dirt, onion rings, salsa and other stuff all over the ladies? Who is that supposed to appeal to? Not me. The goofiness really detracted from an otherwise hot film with some hot ladies. Blown!

 from Eating Pousse
Studio: Coast to Coast


The cinematography in this flick could have used some improvement. All the scenes were shot in inadequate light and seemed dark. The ladies were hot though, although the scenes were kind of mundane. Not a bad flick but nothing to rave about either. Blown!

 from Latin Leche
Studio: FilmCo


This movie delivers exactly what it promises. Latin women lactating. And these are not just some street slags picked up in Tijuana. I mean they are stunningly attractive latinas. With possibly one exception, that being one who is carrying a great deal of belly fat that is very unappealing (maybe some will find it appealing, I didn't), these women rocked. Great shots of milk spewing out of their nipples in every case, spraying it on the guys' dicks, and sucking it off and getting porked. Good cinematography too. If you like latinas and you llike lactation, rent it! Blown!

 from MILF Next Door, The #1
Studio: Diabolic

Hot ladies

The producers of this flick found some absolutely stunning ladies to perform for them. Kudos on the quality. They are all European, in case that matters to anyone. My experience is such that all Euro women sound exactly alike when they (fake) orgasm, and they keep sounding that way the entire time they're getting it on. It gets pretty stale after a while. But if that doesn't annoy you, then by all means, rent it! Blown!

 from Boob Bangers #3
Studio: Evil Angel


ALL the ladies in this flick were KILLER. Cinematography was excellent, action was hot, and the ladies... just stunning. I'm not a big fan of the anal action so I could have done without that, but otherwise - outstanding flick. BLOWN!

 from Angels Of Debauchery #5
Studio: Evil Angel

Better than expected!

The ladies were all HOT in this flick. Dasani was a newcomer to me and she was killer. Naomi too. Some of the acting, particularly by Hillary Scott, was a little over the top, but overall a great flick with hot ladies and good cinematography. Highly recommended. Blown!

 from Shameless
Studio: Penthouse


I can't remember what prompted me to rent this flick, unless it was Justine Joli. Anyway, the ladies were all hot in this one and the action was good, but the video was done in a surreal filtered fashion that didn't have you right there in the scene. Great ladies, hot action, lousy cinematography. Blown!

 from Boob Bangers #2
Studio: Evil Angel


This one was chock full of great action and hot ladies! Rayveness was on FIRE and this was one of her best performances to date. Gianna didn't act like her usual goofy self and really got into her performance without all her usual laughing and clowning around. A best performance for her as well. I could have done without all the 3-way action, however, as two guys on one chick is just too much. Highly recommended. Blown!

 from Hollywood Legs
Studio: LBO

An average porn

I didn't realize how old this flick was when I rented it. The fact that Houston is in it should have alerted me. Not that I mind! I think Houston was/is HOT! This was one of her better performances. Overall, there was too much goofing around and wasted time getting down to business. Especially the scene with Nena Cherry. I thought they would NEVER get all her clothes off. However, it was worth waiting for the splendid Asian cowgirl action she does on the guy. One great scene. Anyway, the ladies were hot, but the action was generally average and there was too much screwing around. And although it is entitled "Hollywood Legs", it's really more about feet than legs. There you have it. Blown!

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