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All Reviews by Blown!
Studio: Off Beat

Great MILF movie

All the ladies in this flick were really hot. I'm a fan of how NASTY Bethany Sweet gets and how she just gets gutteral in her action. Angelica Lauren looked really hot and MILFY and if she was my neighbor I'd be all over it. And Bailey O'Dare was smoking hot too. Highly recommended. Blown!

 from MILF School #1
Studio: Club Jenna

Just outstanding!

I'm a MILF lover so this was right up my alley. The action was hot and well filmed. Holly Halston was exceptionally hot and we get to see her lactate a drop or two of milk. Serena Stevens is sexy and down to earth. All of the ladies seemed very into the action. Latina looked like she had had a lot of cosmetic surgery and I thought she kind of had the Michael Jackson thing going. And she seemed a little disinterested in her replies, like she wasn't really there. Otherwise a pretty damn hot flick. Blown!

 from MILTF Gone Wild #3
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Good, yet disappointing

The ladies in the film were all hot and the action was great, but the cinematography was straight out of the early 80's. Grainy and not sharp. So all in all, decent but could have been better. Blown!

 from Super Naturals #6
Studio: Digital Sin

Very good

The ladies were stunningly attractive, and all but one were wearing dark red lipstick, which looked gorgeous as they were going down on the guys. Great lingerie too. Well shot, good scenes and good environs. I would give it a 5, but the last lady in the movie didn't do much for me.

 from Big Boob MILTF #2
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video


I don't really know why I rented this one, but I suppose it was because of my love of the MILF genre. I should have known from the release date and the fact that Mike Horner was on the back cover that this was an old film. The cinematography was pretty poor with bad lighting and audio throughout, and senseless music overlaid on the sex scenes. There were some really hot ladies in it but the cinematography destroyed what otherwise would have been a much better film. Blown!

 from Milk-A-Thon #3
Studio: Heatwave

Very impressive

Having seen a lot of lactation vids online, I have found most of them dopy and of poor cinematography. This film had some major milk squirters and the filming was very good, other than the cheesy music played over the scenes. The opening scene, which I believe starred Jade Lordaine, was outstanding. She was a very attractive woman and her tits were just exploding with milk. Just an incredibly sexy scene. The others weren't bad either, with a lesbian scene next, followed by a man/woman scene at the end which, while good, was not as good as Jade's. If this is your fetish, this one is worth a rent. Blown!

 from MILTF #2
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Not nearly what I had expected

The ladies in this flick were all decent looking, but the cinematography and audio were lousy. Not up to today's standards by any means. And the ladies all seemed like they were bored to DEATH. Some of them just laid there while the guys were going down on them. They might as well have been on the phone for all the excitement they showed. I'd say pass on this one, although some of the ladies and some of the scenes were decent. Blown!

 from Fuck My Tits #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

It delivers

Just as the title says, it's loaded with titty fucking. And the ladies are all decent looking. I particularly liked Emilianna and also enjoyed seeing those red fingernails of Kaylee's wrapped around the guy's cock. Nice cinematography and hot ladies with a tad of BJ thrown in. Recommended. Blown!

 from Raunchy Redheads
Studio: Coast to Coast

Very average

I will agree with the first reviewer that the ladies were hot. But the cinematography was not the greatest. The action was kind of lame. And for God's sake, this is 2013. They're playing background music throughout every single scene. Who the hell wants that? You can barely hear the sounds of the action! Who makes porns anymore with background music? Well, if you don't mind less than perfect cinematography, background music and somewhat lame action, it's worth a rent. I was disappointed. Blown!

 from Fresh Jugs #5
Studio: Zero Tolerance


All the ladies in this movie were hot, Hot, HOT! Well filmed and good action. Highly recommended. Blown!

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