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All Reviews by Blaxxxsoxxx
 from Sluts With Nuts 1,111,0000
Studio: Elegant Angel

This Whole Movie Is Bogus!

1st of all the real title is sluts with nuts Volume 5. I don't know why they have the current title as it is now. The movie isnt much better. It gets me when some she-male movie have these guys that should look like a female but wind up looking like a guy.

 from Black Throat
Studio: VCA

Brought Me Back To Better Time

It was over the top but its still an classic.Thank goodness for Walter Dark making black porn back in the day!

 from Between My Breasts #4
Studio: Big Top

What A Waste Of Good Film

The cajun queen played with her tits for about 10 minutes the she played with another girl and her big tits for another 10 minutes then Ron Jeremy banged the other chick while the CQ put her big boobs on Ron face. The remaining of the film has a broad playing w/her tits alone.What film has only 1 cum scene? Well this 1 has it!

 from Killer Grip #1
Studio: Smash

Kill The Music

The end of two cumshot were hard to see because of too much light in the backgound but the music was over the top.I thought I was watching a porn that was made in the 80's.Other than that i'll give it a passing grade.

 from Cum Factory
Studio: Video Team

The Title Says It All

About 10 minutes into it the money shots was fast and furious. About 8 in total.Then the 2nd scene was a little longer but still entertaining

 from Hand To Mouth #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

I Don't Know What All Fuss Is About

It had only two scenes worth watching and the best scene the guy was barely finshed dropping his load when it was cut short.

 from Jelly #8
Studio: Kick Ass

Jelly Is Junk But Lp Is Butter

Lil Pimp saves this movie.He put the smack down on the chick he was performing with. Other than that this movie pretty much was nothing special.

 from Hell Hole
Studio: Heatwave

Pretty Good Movie

Hell Hole is a place(jail) where prostitutes goes and sexual favors gets handed out like candy.It was like a movie and it keep my interest.Its on older movie porn wise but i highly recommend

 from Come Line
Studio: VCA

This One Is Easy

This review is easy to write cause this movie contains 14-15 scenes from other movies.Some were older scenes cause the film was grainy but they had a couple of newer ones that I did like but not enough to keep my interest.

 from Chocolate Jawbreakers
Studio: Gentlemen's

Not At All Worth

Its was made an 1999 and it is the type of movie you make when you are short of time and money. I love bj movies but this one is just a waste of time.DON'T BOTHER!

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