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All Reviews by Blacksexfan
 from My Baby Got Back #18
Studio: Video Team

You May Already Have Seen This

Those of you who have been renting XXX films for a while may already have seen many of the scenes from this movie in the form of several phone sex commercials which I now know are composed of many of the scenes from this movie. I enjoyed watching the scenes with Diana De Voe and Feathers, but even they weren't worth watching more than once or twice. All of the other scenes weren't even worth watching once. If you've seen the trailer for this movie, you've really already seen everything worth watching. I returned this film almost immediately.

 from Major League Azz #1
Studio: West Coast

Pretty Good Flick

while not a "top shelf" film, this flick stars cinnabunz and lil ass in the two best scenes. both women are very hot in this film, and if you are fans of those women, i believe that you will not be disappointed. the diana devoe/carmel scene is also pretty good, but it is of two couples fucking on a pool table and the scene gets a bit confused as a result. but, when diana slides down on a very long, hard dick, you may lose your ability to breathe for a moment or two. ;-) the two remaining scenes were okay, but not sufficiently memorable that i can think of anything to say about them. the film has good production values and is well lit.

 from Pretty Young Things
Studio: Video Team

Felicity Is The Star

I have owned this disk for several years and it gets watched more than many others, especially the scene with Felicity. After doing a short strip tease, Felicity has a very nice scene that shows off her beautiful body. I find the scene to be quite hot. All of the scenes have good production values, and I enjoy the other scenes from time to time, but IMHO this is a disk for Felicity fans.

 from Sex Shooter #4
Studio: West Coast

A disappointment

As other reviewers have said, this flick didn't live up to its own hype. Adora is a very beautiful actress, but the cameraman did a poor job of highlighting her features. I guess I'm glad I got to see her scene, but I really didn't feel like watching the scene more than a couple of times. Normally, I'd wear a DVD out watching Adora. All of the scenes are shot in a factory setting which added nothing and was a bit of a distraction. I wish they'd spent more time producing something exciting rather than just "dramatic". Even the closeups were so close that they were more boring than anything. Unless you just have to see every scene of one of the actresses in this flick, I'd select something else for your enjoyment.

 from Brown Sugar
Studio: Heatwave

Soft Focus Ruins Flick

When I'm watching porn, I like to be able to really see what's going on. Unfortunately, the director of photography for this film decided that all of the sex scenes -- but not the preceding star interviews -- would be shot completely with a soft focus lens. Ironically, that means that close-ups tend to be a bit more focused since a soft focus lens is fairly sharp in the center of the field. But, whenever the camera would pull back to show more, it had the effect of making virtually everything in the shot appear to be slightly out of focus. What a disappointment! As a result, I only spent about 10 minutes looking through the entire film for clear scenes, only to find none -- beyond the star interviews which were shot with a conventional lens! I can't imagine why the DP thought that this approach was a good idea. I'm really sorry not to like this film since it had many of my favorite stars. But, if I can't see them, then they might as well not be there.

 from Dippin' Chocolate #2
Studio: New Sensations

3 out of 5 isn't bad

This is one of the best disks I've ever rented, especially because 4 of the 5 actresses are favorites of mine. Having said that, the last 2 scenes of the disk star Mr. Pete, an actor who is pretty brutish IMHO. He treats the girls roughly to the point where they both say "Ow" and push his hands away. Rough can be OK, but not to the point of pain unless that's everybody's thing. I really couldn't watch either of those scenes which I why I didn't give this flick 5 stars. The first three scenes are all great, as are the "behind the scenes" scenes except for the one with Mr. Pete. If you like Promise, Melodie Bliss and/or Simone West, you should check out this flick. I think you'll like it as much as I do.

 from Sugar Walls Sweetest
Studio: Elegant Angel

New Scene With Kiwi Is Hot...

As advertised, this disk is mostly scenes taken from other DVDs in this series. The only new scene is the last one with Kiwi. The scenes were all of very vigorous sex, but IMHO only the scenes with Kiwi and Summer were really hot. The others were just sex between good looking people. I was rather disappointed given that I am familiar with and like most of the actresses. This DVD was obviously produced a while ago since there are no extras of any sort on this disk.

 from Off Da Hook
Studio: Elegant Angel

A Video Tape On Dvd

in the introduction to one of the scenes of this dvd, the actress refers to using one's vcr to watch this "tape". unfortunately, when the producers converted this "tape" to a dvd, they did a very poor job of it. * there is no menu of any sort. * there are no extras of any sort. * the chapter index marks are not placed at the start of every major scene, and there are no chapter marks separating any of the minor scenes. if you like to jump through a dvd using the chapter marks, be aware that jumping from the scene with carmel to the next chapter mark in fact jumps over the two scenes that immediately follow the carmel scene. having said that, i really liked the scenes with tyra butts, carmel and cinnabunz. for those viewers familiar with those actresses, you will not be disappointed. i found the remaining scenes much less interesting, although none of them were really bad, just rather boring to me.

 from Sugar Walls #40
Studio: Elegant Angel

Pretty Uninspired

although i in general enjoy the "sugarwalls" series, i was very disappointed with this particular flick. the most distracting thing for me was the terrible music choices. the loops were very short -- to maximize boredom -- and many were done in a minor key making the music more depressing than anything. if the budget didn't allow for better music, i would have much preferred that the music be left out since the performers were making far more interesting sounds. this is the first movie i've seen from this director, and i'm not impressed. although he used many of the "standard" shots and poses, some how he managed to do so in a way that wasn't very exciting or interesting. he stayed with some poses for way too long, and he also looped in the same footage repeatedly. (i know that's a pretty common practice, but the best directors don't seem to need to do that, especially showing the same scene 3 or more times in fairly rapid succession.) i wasn't familiar with any of the actresses, but none of their performances was exciting enough to make me want to find other movies in which they have acted. bottom line: imho, you'll have a better time if you select another one of the movies from this series.

 from Black Crack Attack
Studio: VCA

Kinda Disappointing

This video contains a number of actresses I consider favorites, but, somehow, the movie just didn't deliver for me. Melodee Bliss is featured in a lesbian scene, and what I really wanted to see was her fucking some guy's brains out. Even though she said that she really enjoyed shooting the scene, I didn't really enjoy watching it. The scenes with Angel Eyes, Lady Armani and Marie Luv were all nice, but I didn't think any of them were particularly hot. Since these are all women that I really like, perhaps the common denominator was the director. And, Jada's scene looked pretty overacted and the gushing just looked like she was peeing. It was more of a turnoff to me than exciting. With the relatively high rating given this flick by others, I really thought this was going to be a great movie. But, I returned it almost immediately, and am hoping that my next video will hold my interest longer.

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