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All Reviews by Blacksexfan
 from Black Pie For The White Guy #1
Studio: Smash

If You Like Closeups Of Dripping Pussies...

This is a very explicit movie of beautiful women getting fucked and then squeezing the cum out of their pussies while the camera watches from inches away. Beauty and Ariel Alexis are hot and sexy as usual and Dena Caly was new to me and very beautiful as well. Be sure and check out her interview (and the other actress interviews) in the Extras section.

 from Dippin' Chocolate #6
Studio: Vengeance XXX

Mixed Bag

I rented this flick because it stars two of my favorite actresses, Ariel Alexis and Leena Simoan. Leena's tease, in particular, is one of my favorite scenes. Ariel and Olivia Winter also have nice teases. My biggest complaint, however, is with the guys rather than the girls. The guy paired with Leena is a bit of a lout and seems to be a racist, a strange situation considering that he's fucking a beautiful black woman. Leena does as good a job with him as she can, but she's much better in "Black Moon Risin' #2" since she's got a much better partner in that movie. Ariel has a similar problem with her guy, although my complaint with him is that he's just too rough. Maybe I'm too old to understand his point of view, but his behavior was a real distraction to me. The other two gals are interesting enough, but Shi never really seems to be into the sex, and Tai just doesn't do it for me for some reason. In summary, if you like these actresses, you should rent this film, but I wouldn't expect that this will be one of your all-time favorite disks.

 from Doin' Da Bubble Butt
Studio: Black Ice

Very Disappointing

Given the relatively high rating this movie has, I was disappointed by it and returned it after a single brief viewing. The lead up to many of the scenes is very long -- unless you particularly like to watch oil being spread on women's asses. That's not a particularly exciting thing for me. The only scene that got me even a bit excited was Jazmine Cashmere's. But even her scene wasn't that exciting to me. I'm not sure why others rated this flick so highly. I would not have rented this movie had I known what I know now.

 from Feeling Black #7
Studio: Red Light District

Dp Fans Will Love This Flick

I'm a big fan of Ariel Alexis and I wasn't disappointed in her scene. She was her usual hot self. I'd never seen Skyler Dupree before, and she is also a very exciting actress. As a matter of personal taste, I just didn't care for the other actresses all that much, but their scenes are certainly worth watching too. I just didn't find myself wanting to watch their scenes repeatedly.

 from Booty Central #5
Studio: DVSX

Very disappointing

Since this movie had gotten an almost 4 star rating from previous viewers, and since it starred a number of actresses whom I really enjoy, I was quite surprised by how boring this movie was to me. Winter Sky (better known to me as Olivia Winter) is normally quite hot and exciting. In this flick, she seemed rather bored, even in her "solo" clip. Each of the women had their own "solo" clip in which they masturbated for about 2 minutes each. In no case did they achieve orgasm, and in all cases they just seemed bored (there's that word again). The longer scenes weren't a great deal better, IMHO. I ended up fast forwarding through much of the film because it just wasn't exciting. I suggest that you skip this flick and rent another one.

 from Up That Black Ass #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

One Of The Best Black Sex Films!

this is perhaps the *best* black sex film i've ever seen! imho, it stars midori whose scene is incredibly hot almost immediately. she first shows up in her car, but shortly thereafter is outside of it giving us a wonderful view of her perfect ass encased in very short shorts! if you like beautiful black ass, this scene alone is worth getting the film. the production values of this film are quite high, and there's never something you want to see in a shadow. the script is very cute and the set ups are short and smart. i'm definitely going to try other films by this director and studio because if this film is any indication, these guys know how to make great porn! i liked the rest of the film as well, but i do confess that midori is one of my favorite actresses, so i sort of "wore out" that particular track. your mileage may vary. ;-)

 from Black Bubble Butt Hunt #3
Studio: Black Ice

The Trailer Didn't Lie

I rented this movie on the strength of its trailer and I was not disappointed. Beauty Dior and Deja had the two best scenes for my taste, and they've now become favorites of mine as a result. Roxy Reynolds also had a nice scene. In the extras, the photo gallery was also very nice. I particularly liked Beauty's and Deja's photos.

 from Big Black Butts 'N' Phat Panties #3
Studio: Evasive Angles

Pretty Unexciting

I was surprised and disappointed in this movie given the relatively high ranking it was previously given. With the exception of Lacey, none of the women in this flick were particularly into the sex and, it seemed to me, were just moaning on cue. Kahfee K is an extremely beautiful woman and I expected to really enjoy her scene. But, she seemed pretty bored and was trying to suppress laughter through her scene. I never picked up on any sexual excitement on her part at all. Lacey, on the other hand, was clearly excited and got wet almost immediately and stayed that way through out. For me, hers was the most (and only) exciting scene. From the behind the scenes interviews, I got the impression that most or all of these actresses had only been filmed a very few times before they shot the scenes for this movie. This is consistent with my experience of them as nervous and disconnected. I'll have to check out their later work and see if they learned to genuinely enjoy their participation.

 from Damn Dat's Ass #3
Studio: Black Ice

Camrie Foxx And Sydney Capri Rock

I guess I must have really liked this film since I kept it for over 3 months. I was particularly struck by Camrie Foxx, an actress I'd never seen before. Her scene was particularly interesting to me since it started with a blow job in which the camera was not pulled in tight around her face. The camera was back far enough that we could see her entire body including a lovely view of her ass and pussy. Camrie has a very lush body IMHO. Her scene was quite passionate, although it was very clear -- especially in the "behind the scenes" segment of the extras -- that her guy was a bit too big for her and she had some trouble keeping up with him. Her missionary scene was also very exciting with a great view of her lovely pussy. Sydney Capri's scene was also very hot, especially when she turned her back to the camera and squatted down over her guy for cowgirl. She teased him by inserting and removing his hard cock a couple of times before settling down. Her doggie scene was also very hot IMHO. I didn't find the other actresses to be all that exciting, but even watching just Camrie and Sydney was enough to hold my interest for a long time.

 from Big Black Wet Asses! #7
Studio: Elegant Angel

The Title Doesn't Lie

if you like seeing black women with their asses all oiled up, then you would like this flick. the asses are all certainly big, and they are all repeatedly oiled up during each scene. since the use of oil isn't particularly interesting to me, i found the "hot spots" created by the strong lighting being reflected by the oil to be a distraction. i think black skin is very beautiful unadorned, and that the use of oil actually was a "take-away". of the scenes, my favorite was the one with cinnabunz, one of my favorite actresses. unfortunately, she was faced away from the camera for much of the scene and consequently her beautiful face was not visible. because of that, the scene was a disappointment to me.

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