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All Reviews by Blackbabe
 from Erotic Adventures Of Candy
Studio: VCX

Still Funny After All These Years

Though it seems a little dated (check out the hairdo's and clothes!), it's always fun to watch the eternally innocent and abundantly stacked Candy do her sexiest best to be kind and loving to those in need...Good Grief, even John Holmes gets to ply her willing wares!..over and over..and over... Funny to the last drop.

 from Private Pleasures Of John Holmes, The
Studio: Gentlemen's

Sounds Like A Good Idea,But...

...this gay-scapade of John Holmes isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's a mini-thrill seeing these guys try to swallow the Colossal Monster.... and watching the Big Holmes straddle their willing asses seems like it would be hot..but it's not. The best scenes are those NOT featuring Holmes...this is for curiosity seekers ONLY.

 from His First Huge Cock #3
Studio: Pink Visual

All Around Hot

First of all, the cocks are NOT all that huge. But once you get past the annoying dialogue (and the 'i've never done this before' bullcrap ), you'll find these scenes in this flick deliver a good dose of carnal lust from guys who actually seem to enjoy cock! Pretty decent.

 from Sex In Normandy
Studio: Arena

Not Lost In Translation

They don't speak English (and they barely speak at all..yayyyy!), but the message cums through loud and clear. The bodies are all lean and young and the cocks are all hard...this movie gets major props for plenty of full court group fucks and busy busy busy mouths and tongues galore.

 from Boiling Point
Studio: Arena

Less Than Average

i chose this after seeing a preview because it looked sexy, but the real thing wasn't worth my rental slot. a couple of guys are packing nice heat, and the "doctor housecall" scene is pretty titillating, but overall the dull action will put you to sleep.

 from First Crush
Studio: Arena

This one has a fairly adequate supply of sucking, rimming and down n dirty screwing (with the obligatory locker room/shower scene!). Each scene is hotter than the one before and there's a real nice bit of solo j-o eye candy at the start to get the heat going. If you can ignore the bad acting and even worse dialogue, this one will still get your rocks off.

 from Dads 'N Lads
Studio: U.S. Male

Where Are The Dads??

Note to the filmmakers: Just because some fresh-faced obedient cocksucker calls you 'daddy', doesn't make you one. That being said, it's nice to see sexy Jason Crew take it like a good boy should (yeah!). Check this one out if you like compliant bottoms and hot mouths that can't say no!

 from EZ 2 Please!
Studio: Arena

Ez 2 Forget

Cute Brazilian guys..mostly smooth and young...but oh, so lacking in heat! They all look good, but there's nothing erotic in this movie. I just hit the fast forward button for the most part....hmmm

 from Gang Up #2
Studio: New Sensations

Good Enough

The only problem I had with this movie was that the girls were too skinny. The guys did their job and gave this gangbang sluts good pounding. The girls took it all, orally too...but just not enough action all around. 3 scenes that's all.

 from Immortal
Studio: In-X-Cess

Breaks No New Ground ,But...

This movie has one thing going for it: Rocco Siffredi. Other than that, it's pretty ordinary. But, if you like watching Rocco and some attractive women, then give this one a try.

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