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All Reviews by Bj22303
 from I Swallow #1
Studio: Rodney Moore

I Threw Up!!!!!!

I just don't understand why dirctors need you to see them get thier d*^k sucked. All I can say is that Patty cream puff was awesome (see garbage pail girls)

 from Maddams Family, The
Studio: Wicked

Crotch Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

The movie was boring at best. The best scene was the last and it was Crotch growning that made the film. The acting of Ron Jeremy was the best acting aside from Crotch (lerch). He really got down the facial fetures of Uncle Fester. The scenes were boring and no action. I waited for the end. I longed for the end. Not great, but if youre into mindless action with no real plot and bad sex, then this is your movie.

 from Garbage Pail Girls #1
Studio: Powersville

I'm In Love With Chicken Lady

one word. Bawk...bawk...bawk....ect. This is one for the record books! oh ya just like that. patty creampuff and the eternal jerkoff was the bomb(dvd extra) You must see to believe. By the way. Patty was young and inexperianced once...before she blew out!

 from San Fernando Jones and the Temple of Poon
Studio: Metro


Give it up to ronnie...San Fernando Jones! The sex left something to be desired, but the acting was the bomb. I fast fowarded through the sex scenes to get to the acting (how often does that happen) They made fun of Ron and he was awsome.

 from Fetish FAQ #1
Studio: Bizarre Video

It's Mister Garrison And Mister Hat

These people freak me out. They talk about spanking ass and bondage as if they're teaching 1st graders. (they probably would) It is a great introduction to the oh...wierd side of bondage. Congradulations to you if after this video you can tie a knote on your partiner after they talk about breaking backs and distroying the happy places. Freaked me the hell out!!!!