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All Reviews by Bikerbill
 from Unleashed #3
Studio: New Sensations

not bad

both of us enjoyed this movie, tho I can't give it five stars ... hot sex, gorgeous women! the cover girl is amazing, love her spectacular long hair ... mr pete is a fave of my wife's, hot cock and a lot of action ...

 from Screw My Wife Please #36
Studio: Wildlife

very disappointing ... a great premise, even decent looking women ... but the setting just leaves no room for eroticism ... the old guy is constantly yakking through the entire movie, and sometimes even "gets involved." the first scene was good, but the second, which featured a cute woman, was marred by the fat "porn star" with a greasy pigtail ... sorry .. what a turnoff ... my wife and i have watched a few of these and won't watch again until the host butts out and the men chosen are better looking .. oh, yeah, and try to get real wives, instead of the strippers who pop up all the time ... a dud ...

 from Nice Rack #12
Studio: Anabolic

just ok

Gianna and Brandy are two of my favorites, and they didn't disappoint .. the rest are just ok ...

 from Big Wet Asses #7
Studio: Elegant Angel


Others here have different criteria for what they like and dislike ... my wife and I prefer at least a semblance of affection between the performers; jamming a cock down the young lady's throat isn't our cup of tea ... this flick probably will appeal to you if you like that sort of thing, or appreciate gaping butts and oil everywhere ... we prefer something else; won't be renting any more in the Big Wet Asses series ... two thumbs down ...

 from Big Natural Tits #14
Studio: Evil Angel


IMHO, this was a very hot flick ... the first two girls were amazing, especially the blonde with the thick sexy hair ... both apparently loved what they were doing and got both of us hot ... the second blonde appeared to be doing it for the money and not liking it much ... and Brandy Talore was her usual hot self, fucking a muscleman in the bedroom, then going downstairs to find her boyfriend and fucking him too ... love the fact that, unlike with many big tit movies, the guys actually seemed really hot for the girl's big breasts and worshipped them nicely ... two thumbs up ...

 from Big Rack Attack #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance


I rented this because I love Brandy Talore ... her scene was ok ... but the rest .. ugh .. there are a dozen or so loops, just the sex, no prelims, no foreplay ... lotsa fake boobs, fake cums ... we sent it back the same day we got it ... not worth taking up a rental ...

 from Playgirl: Burning Lust
Studio: Playgirl

Too Soft

If you're looking for a movie for your wife, this could be it ... great looking people, esp. the guys (so my wife says) ... but this is barely one step above the softcore stuff you can rent in most hotel rooms. The sex is gauzy, floaty, not very hot ... not planning to rent another Playgirl flick ...

 from Nice Rack #13
Studio: Anabolic

pretty hot

If you like big tits, you'll find them in this movie ... both the wife and I enjoyed it; wasn't the best but far from the worst, you're bound to find a few scenes that will get you going ...

 from Gangbang Darlings #3
Studio: DVSX

OK, but ...

This was an ok movie if you like gangbangs, but it was missing a crucial element for my wife -- the idea of coercion ... it's one thing to just call a bunch of guys to fuck. It's another to be bribed, for instance ... a scene I remember is one where two girls had to have a tire fixed, so they let about 12 guys fuck them to get the tire fixed .. and they really got fucked ... so ... just like to watch, it was fine, but if you like that element too, forget it ..

 from My 2nd Love
Studio: Adam & Eve

zzzzzzzzzzz ... boring flick, not much action ... I wouldn't advise renting it ...

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