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All Reviews by Biguy61
 from Jock-A-Holics
Studio: Fox

Classy gay erotica

Very erotic scripted scenes in athletic clothes and (what else?) jocks. But when they stopped talking and just action with music background I lost all interest.

 from Dirty Talkin' Sluts
Studio: Dreamland

No dirty talk

We were amazed at this movie - the first of four episodes had absolutely no talk at all - just music. Totally unerotic.

 from Filthy Talkin' Cocksuckers #1
Studio: Midnight

Great Concept, Mediocre Execution

I really like dirty talk. I'd rather listen to a girl talk dirty to me than watch her fuck or suck cock. The hostess on this DVD, Alysse, understands the concept and does talk dirty. That was just what I wanted this DVD for - just there wasn't much of it. The other girls were not into it, the male coach would tell them "say cunt" and she would say "cunt" - none of them (didn't watch every one) really seemed into it. And Alysse when it came to her own segment - the last - interrupted her talking with enthusiastic cocksucking. That's OK, but cocksucking you can find anywhere and dirty talk is unfortunately very hard to find.

 from Filthy Talking Anal Fuckers
Studio: Midnight

No Anal Fucking

I would have kept (bought my copy) this movie except that every time you put it on, you have to go through the entire warning statements, plus the phone sex ads, which I like, except that you have to see them EVERY time, you can't skip, you can't fast forward it. Boring and annoying. There was no anal fucking in this movie. There was a fair amount of dirty talking. Alana Evans was great. I'd definitely like to see more of her. Nikita had a great accent. All the girls were into, or seemed to be into, what they were doing. But a lesbian scene? Why call a movie "anal fuckers" if there isn't any anal fucking?

 from Casting Couch Cuties #17
Studio: DreamGirls

Not Jackable

The real test of a porn video is if you can jack off to it. Unfortunately, this video is not jackable. It just isn't hot. You have to listen to the girls get asked what their favorite color is, how old they were when they first had sex, what turns them on about a guy, and then they get naked (they have no problem with that) and play with their pussies a little. I wish the interviewers had, say, offered them 10 dildos of different sizes and asked them to pick one insert it and masturbate, or had them fuck a total stranger for the first time (not knowing they would be asked to do this), just something even a little bit taboo. I'm a pervert, I guess, but I'd like to see them at least a little bit embarassed or their limits stretched.

 from Stuntgirl #1
Studio: Pulse

Couples Really Into It

This is the best movie I've seen in a long time. There were 4 scenes and the couples were really into it, they were not the usual porn people who never saw each other before the day of the shoot, and never would again. There was some hot couple interaction. The guy would slap the girl on the face, and you could see how she liked it. The music really enhanced it too - generally a real classy as well as erotic production. The negatives were that there did not seem to be any link between the scenes, and for the life of me I can't tell why it was called "Stuntgirl". No stunts, anyway. Produced by JackTheZipper and I'm looking forward to see something else by him.

 from Talking Trash
Studio: Heatwave

Debi Diamond Is Great

We rented this DVD because it had "talking" in the title, and we like dirty talk. The plot was lame and the acting terrible. The saving grace was that Debi Diamond was fantastic. She was really into the sex and definitely not acting.

 from Little Girls Talking Dirty
Studio: VCX

No Little Girls

This video was not what I expected it to be. There were three female friends who after failing to sell lingerie at home parties decided to try out the phone sex business. Each of them starts a conversation with a client and then we see the client doing things to her. The best part was that each of them did look at the camera and talk to the camera rather than to the guy with her. The bad part was that I didn't want to see more routine scenes of girls sucking dick and wished there were more talking instead of boy-girl scenes. And "Little Girls" - someone just made that up.

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Lisa Deleeuw
Studio: Gentlemen's

Very Disappointing

This DVD was a disappointment. It has nothing more than scenes from (I think) six of her movies. The movies are not even identified. Nothing to help you understand who she was, what kind of sex she liked, nothing, just unintroduced and unlabeled excerpts. I've seen much better restrospectives for Annie Sprinkle and Seka.

 from Bukkake #5
Studio: Private

Hot Guys

This is not really bukkake - for me, Bukkake is the girl clothed, the guys coming all over her in her clothes. This is more of a gang bang, 4 girls and 12 guys. What made this a hit for me is that all 12 guys are jacking, all around the bed, and constantly talking to each other. This was much hotter than the girls, who were pretty much non-entities, not shown much except for an occasional face shot or body shot. So if you're like me and like to see 12 hard jacking guys talking dirty to each other and the girls, you'll like it. If you're 100% straight, you might pass on it.

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