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All Reviews by Bigjohn
 from Gangbang Girl #1-2
Studio: Anabolic

The Original Big Gangbanger

Trixie SLUT Tyler, long ago, far away she had sex with all these guys, and she is for real, really enjoying the sex and the cum in her mouth. Eating cut out of a condom, this was leading edge porn at the time. What is great is that they have combined her original early two GB movies into one DVD. She starts off to me not so pretty, but after having watching her fuck and suck so many guys and with her face glazed.......she seems to get better looking? Nice slutty dress too. Heels/Hose/Short Skirts/ etc. a very nasty gal. Even the advertisement of her with Red Wig is nasty. Yep, you get your $$$ Rental worth here, two movies and mulitple scenes within each movie. Go rent it..

 from Gangbang Girl #23
Studio: Anabolic

Good Older Gb Movie

This one still is competitive with the newer GB and more extreme action by Female porn gals. Yes, O is very nice and yes underrated, Terri Star is a cute little slut, she always has put out with a good attitude. I rated it a solid 4, and enjoyed seeing it again, from many years past.

 from Gangbang Girl #31
Studio: Anabolic

Claudia Was Ok, Other 2 Were Better

I enjoyed the two non big name sluts, they put out very nicely. I rounded it up to a 4.

 from Gangbang Girl #33
Studio: Anabolic

Lot Of Action, Many Gals, Gb Fun

Fast paced, and plenty of action, there will be some spots that you will like for sure.....because there is so many to select from.

 from Gangbang Girl #32
Studio: Anabolic

Guage Excells

4 to 5 movie action here. Guage, if you like her, you gotta see her in this GB action. Lot of nasty goodies with these sluts....they perform at their enjoyment level too.

 from Gangbang Girl #30
Studio: Anabolic

sweet gal gets "nailed"

gangbanged very nicely, perhaps new gb action for her, she seemed little overwhelmed, cut and sure gets "nailed". a. quinn, i recall when she first started into porn (and was not really old enough), many years have gone by and she still gets it wet. rent and enjoy, no real downsides to the overall movie.

 from Gangbang Girl #29
Studio: Anabolic

Belladonna Performs

Belladonna performs the full list of sexual actions with these GB guys. Everything other viewers stated positive is very true. She performs, she enjoys what she is doing, I do not think any director needs to tell her what to do. Good Rental.

 from Gangbang Girl #35
Studio: Anabolic

3 Sluts Do It All

5 Star here for me, I never thought Jolle looked good, but after 21 guys use her in every possible manner, facials, cream pies ++++ she seemed beautiful, all the nice slutty things others said about her, I agreed with their comments. Ashley long is sexy/slutty and Audrey is a Slut-Pig for real. Heavy action start to finish. Jolle is more than oversexed, she is an animal, sex-animal. Do not pass up this opportunity to view real Sluts in Action.

 from Midnight Prowl #5
Studio: Pariah

Non Standard Porn Action

3 Stars because it is fun to see different action than standard porn. The girls are OK to very nice looking and they allow themselves to have sex with the normal Nerd, Ugly, Homeless man, Fat or Old and Fat man, the scum bags get sex with these sweeties, perverted in a sense. These girls must not be paid off to do this .... they got enjoy being degraded with scumbags and stupid talkers during their session of Love Making. It is a different change of pace type movie. Rent and you decide.

 from Raw Talent
Studio: Bordellonoir

Raw Weak Talent

The talent is not so great. Better movies to choose, just pick at random and you likely will get a better movie. So non descript, hours later, it is hard to recall the movie.

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